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24 Responses to “”

  1. ilegitxloveyou

    The Dwarf chick was? extremely gorgeous.

  2. flashcat44

    Your disgusting ?

  3. CloudChronicles

    Steve-O sucks at drawing? lol.

  4. Ewelina Tu?aza

    20:50 I love this? guy!!! I just got a angel tattoo on my back today in memory of my grandfather.. c;

  5. agostinatonna

    slide it in her….looooooooool never heard that? phrase

  6. agostinatonna

    kat? von d is hot : O but her voice dont suit her lofl

  7. OLLY605

    Damn, Kim is so? beautiful!

  8. konkyolife

    If you are concerned about tattoo prices, don’t get one. It’s like a? dentist, pay money.

  9. ida carter

    Awesome =P?

  10. esteban quesada

    “welcome? to? the darkside”

  11. DrCuddlesPhd

    dont be so? creepy

  12. DrCuddlesPhd

    i? think if he was he would be coming down because he was sleepy

  13. DrCuddlesPhd

    probly high cause theyre on tv? and famous artists

  14. Ryan Hsu

    that dwarf is one of the hottest? dwarfs look at her waist and tits mmmm!

  15. scotty071000

    i would? honestly say if that dwarf was my girlfriend i would actually be proud she is like gorgeous haha

  16. LackadaisicalE

    daym, dwarf chick got? some boobs!

  17. 093RE

    Im pretty sure? Steve-O was stoned the entire time

  18. harhainen

    thank? u my friend!

  19. offerfish12

    Dude, she is hot? as hell. I’m not afraid to admit it. I would date her.

  20. justin wile

    freaking beauty man?

  21. justin wile

    the? website gave prices around 150 bucks an hour

  22. harhainen

    ok.. :O?

  23. iamninjattack

    crazy cat guy.?

  24. ashley buckingham

    kat von d? is soooooo hot!!!!

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