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I pretty much love this foundation, it’s amazing, hope you guys like the review! If you have any questions leave them down below. :) Follow me everywhere!!!! Twitter: @HeySuperJay FaceBook: ______________________________ Check out these other videos: DIY: Tinted Lip + Cream Blush: Male/Guy/Dude Makeup Tutorial: Hide Acne with Drugstore Makeup: Q&A #2: Review+Demo: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse: Flirty Fall Makeup Tutorial: Flawless Full Coverage Tutorial: Naughty/Mysterious Makeup Tutorial: I do my sisters makeup!: Review+Demo of L’oreal Lumi Foundation: How To:Use The Clarisonic Mia: OOTD 8/3/12: Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this video, all thoughts and opinions are completely mine, and all products were purchased with my own money, nothing was sent to me.

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25 Responses to “Review+Demo: Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation!”

  1. HeySuperJay

    Let me know how you like? it! 😀

  2. Aman R

    Awesomeeee thanks!!!!! :) I think regardless IM definitely getting this? =D

  3. Jaydee Rae'

    Thanks, I’m glad you found it useful! Hmm.. I find that when my skin got a bit on the drier side, it would look terribly cakey and patchy… :/ It was GREAT at oil controlling but it’s definitely not meant for dry skin types in my opinion. That can always be fixed though, just apply a thick moisturizer on your dry areas and normal moisturizer on? your oily areas, that way both areas are balanced! 😀 Aww thank you! xx

  4. Jaydee Rae'

    I’m glad I could help! Darn that sucks, Urban? Decay is amazing! Yeah Kat Von D has amazing coverage! Although I wish they had warmer shades! :/ Thank you!! :) xx

  5. Aman R

    Loved your review, it was to the point and it made soo much sense. THis is the second review I saw on the Lock-It Tattoo Foundation and I am absolutely convinced that this will be my next foundation purchase :) Your? face looked so flawless! Question: I have a combination skin -oily and dry, but mainly oily lol was this good for controlling that asapect? Keep the reviews coming in !! :) p.s. you’re sucha cutie hehe

  6. caramelbonbon92

    Oh great that was such a good help. We don’t really have Urban Decay here unfortunately, but I’ll wait until you do the Review now the I have found somebody who has the same problem as I do. The Kat von D would be perfect already!
    Thanks a lot :) You are doing a great job by the way, your vids are? so informative.

  7. Jaydee Rae'

    I’ll have a review of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation sometime soon if you want to wait for that although the Kat Von D foundation has the BEST coverage ever. The UDNSF has a good medium coverage but not full in my humble opinion. Just? letting you know! :)

  8. Jaydee Rae'

    Hey there! I have the same problem as you! Mm.. Quite honestly shade 54 was the best shade for me. I didn’t go with shade 56 because when direct sunlight it leaned very pink/orange. 58 Is completely pink and 62 is more of about an NC42 ish shade. Shade 54 works best as it has a warm undertone you can always use bronzer to deepen the shade. Have you looked at the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation? That one has a huge range? of shades and works on my combination skin! Hope I helped! xx :)

  9. caramelbonbon92

    Hey I’m almost the same color as you but I normally use a NC35 (sometimes NC40 but if I layer it, it gets darker).so Which would you recommend? I live in Germany so I have to order online? and guess. Why didn’t you get M56 with just beige undertone? It would be great if you could help me!! THANKS ?

  10. Jaydee Rae'


  11. Vuhhnessa12


  12. Jaydee Rae'

    Thank you for subscribing gorgeous! :) I really appreciate the? kind comment, have a good evening! xx

  13. 19ShannonMarie98

    I subscribed to you yesterday and I just can’t get enough of you! I love? you & your videos :) xx

  14. Jaydee Rae'

    Thank you for subscribing! And thank? you! xx :)

  15. Jaydee Rae'

    Thank? you gorgeous! :) xx

  16. gurlyabep

    New subbie, you are wonderful? <3

  17. nd8686

    Yes, Eurasia Fair is what I use. I’m around NC37-40. It has a great yellow-olive undertone. On the flipside (something with a? sheer coverage): MAC’s Face & Body in C4 is seamless on olive skin.

    If Kat Von D’s Lock-It foundation is anything like her tattoo concealer, I think i’m going to love it!

  18. Hazel Ty

    just subscribed!! :))?

  19. Jaydee Rae'

    Thank you for subscribing? gorgeous! My face is an NC35 and my neck is an NC40. I usually go with NC40 because if I go with NC35 my face looks lighter than my neck and mask-like. This shade is closer to an NC35, and I just use bronzer to somewhat deepen the color, so that it blends into my neck! :) Thanks for watching! xx

  20. Jaydee Rae'

    Well I’m glad you subscribed! Thank you! :) OMGG FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS MY DILEMMA! Yes, I have very strong olive undertones and any foundation with even the slightest bit of pink makes my skin look dull! I will definitely check out that foundation! Is Eurasia? Fair the shade you wear?? No problem, thank you for taking the time to watch them! :) xx

  21. Jaydee Rae'

    Thank you for? watching! :) Mmm let’s see, definitely apply a somewhat thick moisturizer that keeps your skin nice and plump throughout the day, and apply a primer to avoid it clinging on to any dry spots! Hope this helps, let me know how it goes! xx

  22. lorena duran

    New subbie! :). What shade are? you in Mac?

  23. nd8686

    I’m so glad I ran across your channel! I? subscribed instantly. I’m a total foundation junkie and you have the exact skin tone as me. I wear olive medium from everyday minerals too! it has the best olive (READ: Green) undertone of any foundation. If you’re ever looking for a full coverage, dewy foundation, Mehron Celeb HD in Eurasia Fair is incredible. Thanks for all the reviews!

  24. brittard watts

    greate review thanks for going into detail! i already have it but i havent put it on yet, how would? you recommend for me to put it on? i have dry skin

  25. Jaydee Rae'

    Go? get! NOW. 😛

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