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Tensions rise with Aubry as Kat tries to keep control of the shop.

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19 Responses to “LA Ink – Kat Lays Down the Law”

  1. Crack3rJack5

    Aubry is only good for 2 things Fapping to and getting? mad at.

  2. GametypeBirdy

    Ugh.. Drama…?

  3. slowgoxo

    Love? kat

  4. woodman99847

    cheap ass? whore

  5. supernolden1

    Adrienne thinks its her shop…somebody slap that? bitch please.

  6. supernolden1

    kat thinks she is the best boss? ever.. fuck that dumb tatted bitch

  7. dee6694

    Aubry gets a tough time from Adrienne here, not surprised she ended up in tears, whether it’s staged or not. Adrienne comes across as a very cold and ruthless person and her tattoos look menacing, almost as? if they were done in a prison! Also, whatever happened to G or Gee, he came in as shop manager after Pixie left, then he seemed to fade into the background.

  8. FaerieDustt

    Wait what? the ending where adrienne says “i dont know what the solution is” thats from when corey leaves.. ugh this show is so fake and scripted. Aubry is annoying and out of place but shes still? trying, kat and adrienne are just acting like territorial dogs barking at her like that. They’re too scared to let an attractive female into their little circle.

  9. STELIOS435ify

    yeah yeah.. and she sat at the parking… and there was magicaly.. a chair… !!!!
    SO? FAKE.. !!

  10. kat4tat23

    Good thing it’s? not rocket surgery.

  11. XxZeroHellsingXx

    There is just? one thing I don’t agree with this…why couldn’t they have that conversation in Kat’s office? Not in front of all the workers, customers, etc.. I mean, it just makes everyone look bad. Ya know?

  12. MoonSkar94

    Sometimes I did feel like they were a bit tough of Aubry e_e?

  13. PaintingTheRosesRedx

    A random chair in the? parking lot.. alright, gotta love High Voltage!

  14. Lifter Chicka

    pause at 3:06 and their are soo many dents in that black car! :O

    && i love Kat! :) i wanna tattoo from her one? day! 😀

  15. onebluelove23

    rocket surgery sounds? harder than rocket science……think about it

  16. TheKonrad1984

    OMG she is ugly? and stupid typically BLOND’S

  17. MellParr

    Ugh. Aubrey is soo annoying with her pouty duck face! i just can’t? stand her

  18. mikittypigeondaisuki

    Why does all the shop managers have problems with Adrienne??Aubry,Problem with Adrienne.Liz,Problem with Adrienne..?


    rocket surgery??? It? must be…

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