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21 Responses to “LA Ink S04E04 part1”

  1. defyned

    Aubrey lacks professionalism and common sense. Where do they find these special people and why do they hire? them?

  2. uzamaki32

    such a good? ppl ther

  3. Habzqx

    SUOMI on her shirt ! \o/ ( means Finland ) Awesome
    Respect from Finland?

  4. Gicalist

    Why are they so mean? to her?

  5. girl123interrupted

    The Cambodian guys story made me want to cry, what he said about what happened during the war in the concentration camp and the bombs going off and they’d watch a person go through the mine field and if he didn’t? blow up, you’d grab your babies and follow his footsteps:c Americans, we take our country and rights for granted!! We have civil liberties, rights and freedom. In China, they can’t even get on the net without a proxy! they want to keep the people ignorant so they won’t leave the country

  6. bezziebloomie

    i wish kim hannah n pixie were? still in it. kat is coming accross really nasty in this season. too set up

  7. supernatt924

    k she really can’t be that stupid. clearly the producers helped out with the whole? bounce house idea.

  8. 909sophielou

    corey is horrible? !

  9. MsRoche1

    omg the guy from Cambodia made me cry :'(?

  10. mrseek6

    cant wait till she gets fired?

  11. sengvang

    haha..mad respect for tha cambodia guy…no offense to otha folks but yeahh HMONG? folks are like that *in some way* ………marriage wise* -.-‘

  12. deesan82

    agree, at least she tries and they don’t have to keep her just to? humiliate her… they can just fire her at any time. The thing is that she brings drama to the show and that is what reality tv is all about or am I wrong? people are just puppets in show business…

  13. WikkidAwesomeness

    im sorry but they were aLL so mean to her. i dont particularly likeher, but she was just trying so hard to ma ke? them like her

  14. SuperCityPioneers

    ok so Aubry is really stupid, but hey at least she? tries?

  15. ALynnChan

    omg…. that blond? chick… I really want Kat to finally fire her, but at the same times I’m gonna miss making fun of her stupidity! XD

  16. sugarychocobot

    Just FIRE her, Kat! Everyone hates her and she? sucks at her job =.=’

  17. harhainen

    yeah..? go SUOMI!

  18. Vebrithyen


  19. keoky01

    that blond girl? is beyond stupid

  20. R1DV4N91

    i love kat she is? so happy about everything..srry for english

  21. fumeres

    the blond is so? stupid!!!

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