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25 Responses to “LA Ink s05e08 part5”

  1. defyned

    Kat is completely oblivious about what is going on? around her. She repeatedly disrespects Corey (her most valuable employee) and she keeps Liz around even though she destroys morale. Is she really that clueless?

  2. garciabeto760

    kat has become a bitch? mnow she is so different now..

  3. evange03

    Love Paulie’s personality, I think pretty much all of these people are cool people they just edit this show to make it more interesting and full of drama? but it really doesn’t make it more interesting. The work these people are doing is interesting enough. You can tell all this shit is staged based on editing alone you can see people change outfits mid-sentence so it’s obvious that their conversations are being twisted. Especially in the hard breaks before commercials.

  4. Julio Romero

    Kat? is such a b*+-h now. Wow

  5. racheljade92

    she’s not even in real estate or an executive like she said…. she’s an actress? and there to spice things up

  6. arlyn solorzano

    Liz is too much for the shop, she? needs to get an executive job.

  7. CoolInOlympia

    Kat has been looking stressed? and unhappy throughout this episode. I hope they fire LIz soon! She is terrible!

  8. 412Killuminati

    Liz is sexy?

  9. scholte

    the awful cutting of the audio from the conversations is becoming too obvious for me now. Like, I can pick? it out 😛

  10. 423945153

    What the fuck was Liz? wearing.

  11. flashpointlover1

    “He asked me to feather dust…” “Is that a problem??” hahahahahaha!? Oh Kat.

  12. kbbyerly1

    pretty sad when kat? went to dan’s show but couldn’t clear a moment from her busy schedule to go see corey play.

  13. girl123interrupted

    I wish the producers would stop with the little sound bites and forming them into sentences and mixing them with “angry” five second looks from Corey or Kat. Its causing all of this unnecessary tension. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but I could honestly give a shit about Liz telling Adrian that blah blah blah for ten minutes, all while I see Dan giving a guy an amazing sleeve? in the background and I’m thinking “I want to see the sleeve! not dumb ass, actress Liz and the drama!”

  14. NOISETAG86

    I likED Kat,? no more respect

  15. Rhiannon Rhodes

    It annoying how Kat says “We’re a team guys” when she’s pissed that they never called her about Aubrey doing stuff to the shop or just saying their a team in genral and she says that but when it comes to Corey on his night of performing? she never sticks to the “Team”. It’s all about Kat.

  16. deesan82

    Dan.. Kat’s tattoo made? yours look bad… sorry bud. funny how they show liz’ legs..

  17. deesan82

    Dan.. Kat’s tattoo? made yours look bad… sorry bud.

  18. carrotty

    i swear the show has been cut and changed? in windows movie maker or somthin. its so badly done at times

  19. MissNeonz

    miami? ink isnt on????????

  20. MissNeonz

    stop posting that? shit!!!!

  21. glendaray666

    Kat is a?

  22. kirbyrulezz

    i? would like to see how Amy looks without make-up…

  23. BlueScalyCool

    LoL @ how the camera man zoomed? on Corey’s wife after the shot of Corey hugging Liz after the show..

  24. George Lewis

    Liz last job real state agent , Now? in tattoo shop picking Trash…..Life is Sucks!!

  25. swiv2d

    Agree this? show just seems fake

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