Kat Von D Geeks Out on Mourning Jewelry! Posted by admin on October 29th, 2012 | Comments (24) |

Ever Heard of Mourning Jewelry? This week Kat explains and shares with us some of her favorite pieces! CHECK OUT KATS SOCIAL LINKS www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.katvond.tumblr.com Instagram TheKatVonD

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24 Responses to “Kat Von D Geeks Out on Mourning Jewelry!”

  1. BeautyxinChains

    Your? taxidermy collection!

  2. kavincrovin14

    So cute when she loves I thinks that why I’m a kat baby? fan I love her!

  3. D3athiscoming

    I like rosaries,cameos,crosses and arabic jewellery? :)

  4. qotsaGirl7

    great video! love all the? jewellery :)

  5. Eloise Kiddle

    Very inspirational and I must say I love the? lipstick!

  6. Ligus8090

    Inspiring? :)

  7. Sigrid Monstad

    I always get questions about my safety pins.. I have a whole lot of them in different sizes and? colors… So, that’s a thing… I also have kind of a cross addiction…xD love U

  8. ThisFreakIsAlive

    i didn’t get creeped out me and my husbands house full of skulls, Dorian cleavenger, Boris Vallejo , luis royo as well as gil elvgren art,i learned something it? interesting i love finding out the history behind things and where? stuff originated from , we love ornate furniture and architecture especially from Italian renaissance period

  9. LadiiDog

    i love? your videos!!

  10. gothicdragon79

    Like your jewelry I also like the story about the jewelry like queen victoria I didnt know that? but know I do and I find it very intresting thank you for this video!

  11. chokillah

    Please give a tour? of your home! I love everything I see. I want to get some ideas for redecorating my home;)

  12. FreyjasFighter

    I love skulls. I? collect them, from ornaments and designs on clothing to jewellery and books 😀 Gotta love skulls 😀

  13. SophieKVD

    Love it Kat ! You’re beautiful ! Your jewelry is awesome? ! Learned a lot ! Thank you ! You are amazing ! Love you !


    Makeup collection!?

  15. sweetnapkin

    I want to see your make up collection? :)

  16. WoWmeHELLO

    This is AMAZING!!? Dont stop making videos

  17. sandra666

    I had never a real piece of hair jewelry. I heard about it. ? Inspiration comes from everywhere when the muse hits, it hits. :)

  18. Ivana Tisdale

    Kat,you inspire me!! I love you’r crosses and skulls 😀 *.* ! OMGF I love your stuff and fashion!! YOU”RE? JUST PERFECT! *__* LOVE YOU,XOOOO :*

  19. Ayu0345

    I really liked the jewelry and how you gave us? a little background info. Learning about it as well is great. ^.^

  20. Angel Lindsay

    I love mourning jewelry, so really enjoyed this. You have SO much cool stuff, Kat, it’s such fun to see it! I’m looking forward to the? next video.

  21. klaudiadjaczynska

    I love you Kat <3 You? should make a movie in which you? tell what kind of music you listen, because I'm (surely I'm not the only one) so curious about that ! and I'd love to see the video of all your tattoos !Kisses from Polish fans 😉

  22. klaudiadjaczynska

    I love you Kat <3 You should make a movie in which you tell what kind of music you listen, because I'm (surely I'm not the only one) so curious about that ! Kisses from Polish? fans 😉

  23. everlastingrainbow3

    you could show us your instruments? if you have? any (: X

  24. Jenna X

    what is that animal behind you..a goat??

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