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25 Responses to “La Ink s05e05 part4”

  1. defyned

    Liz doesn’t know her place. She’s rude and disrespectful to everyone in the shop yet she expects to stay employed there? Get real. If you can’t get along with people, your days are numbered. In her case,? she should have been fired long ago.

  2. fieldsofheather69

    photographic? memory my ass

  3. Victoria Pasta

    im scared Liz is gunna push Kat off a cliff on that hike….?

  4. Victoria Pasta

    LOL i know the tattooists better then Liz.?

  5. harhainen

    LIZ IS? SO BITCH, ewww!

  6. Madison Kube

    someone likes to? get spaankkkedd >__>

  7. gqwild77

    Call me crazy but i like liz! should could boss? me around in bed!!!

  8. DonkeyParadise

    If I’m getting those butterflies and Craig comes and? says that with that face I’d run away

  9. Rungtiwa Jade

    fuck i wanna punch? this bitch lol

  10. MariaTastedInk

    I really fucking hate? Liz, holy shit.

  11. girl123interrupted

    All Liz knows is like real estate and marketing and that’s money, money and more money. Tattooing isn’t about the? money, obviously. I doubt most shops offer a health care plan, 401k, etc. Its just different!

  12. 99atkinson

    Just because the clients are friends does not mean its fucking staged.? Her friends want her to do a tattoo how does that make it stage ?. And you might think that liz and aubry are actors cause the way they act no there just stupid sarcastic bitches not actors. And even if it was staged what its not, Its entertainment Who gives a fuck its tv its ment to be entertaining. And why would they spend hours doing drawings of big tattoos if its staged Dumb Ass.

  13. ruthangelina

    dans? posters look like shit

  14. zaqua3

    I answered those questions and I bet I got them both right Dan doesnt do it for money he does it cause he loves it why would he do art for money god liz? is stupid

  15. zaqua3

    I answered those questions and I bet I got them? both right

  16. fremmed1

    Liz is an actor, ok. It`s not complicadet. She plays the role as “the obvious bitch”.
    And? we accept it and everyone feels happy…. Especially the ones behind the camera with dollar signs in their eyes.
    Jeees…. Whatever happen to the appreciation of bein exposed to people creating art???

  17. louieaubergine

    I? think Liz is a complusive liar.

  18. titanic1224

    i think it seems like there tattooing the same people at A eclectic.. but since its filmed they probably dont show the show in order of events..ya know. so all the? dramatic stuff is spread out or what ever…

  19. 4ckedhero

    liz and? aubry are both actresses ,, half of the clients are friends of kat’s … this show is staged

  20. loveablemeggy

    i know what you mean,its painful? to watch some of the things liz says

  21. Imaginatrixx

    liz is fucking? retarded

  22. Lucky Hipolito

    I feel like I? like Aubrey more than Liz. >__>’

  23. dominica95815

    likk 4realz datz hw u knw hez a true? artist n a nice person.

  24. TheBoarta

    Said it in another video? but the people in electric seems to tattoo the same people over and over again.

  25. sweetooth18cullen

    liz is like obsessed with earning money…art is art not a fucking buisness?

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