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24 Responses to “LA Ink s05e08 part4”

  1. thevirtualnightmare

    its dicked out she didnt go see coreys band. but she fuckin dropped everything to do see? dan’s band

  2. CCowie123

    u guys r all idiots the editing makes things sound? like insults etc. listen closely to how the voices change during conversations especially between Kat and Corey…

  3. LolaXBunny

    I love Kat and all but I really? feel that she has favouritism towards Dan, when he has to go do band stuff she lets him, why not Corey? Really?

  4. xMarleigh

    I love how Dan had to take a second look when the rest of D&D came in the shop (x?

  5. scholte

    its different to see corey mad? and kind of hot

  6. ThatGirl0800

    I love how it just showed a shopping cart in? the water hahahahahahah xD

  7. kbbyerly1

    why does kat say “corey is my rock” in the main sequence, yet she sucks dan’s ass and? treats corey like crap?

  8. girl123interrupted

    Thumbs up if you could? give a shit about american electric.

  9. girl123interrupted

    Craigs portrait tattoo really? surprised me, in a good way… pretty damn good quality!

  10. kingheadabox

    paulie does quality stuff, imo, i think he didn’t fit cos of his urban look that was out of whack with the goth/rocker style of kats place, in the later seasons his stuff is awesome? like he did koi fish cover up that was as good if not better than alot the stuff the pros at kats place do

  11. ukgirlonce

    i bet they feel so stupid having to? follow such a ridiculous script….

  12. zaqua3

    He? has his own lol

  13. JasamTragicLove

    KAT SUCKS! Where is Corey’s support? All she does is use him while she and all the others go off and live THEIR dreams. Think fame has gone to her head and she has forgotten? her real/loyal friends! ‘I will try and take you up on that offer’ geez Kat get over yourself!

  14. AcrssUnvrs84

    I LOVE Dan’s face at 6:04 when his band? comes in!! I love their band too!! They’re awesome!!

  15. ArianBoar11

    I think that dude should have paid the extra $1000 to get his triplet portrait done by Kat, that tattoo looked hideous! The first gross? tattoo I’ve seen from this show. Craig made those kids look like cabbage patch dolls… evil cabbage patch dolls.

  16. carrotty

    corey? deserves his own shop

  17. Nadia2015

    Wow that portrait? with the three kids at the other tattoo shop was so ugly like he couldn’t even get the shape of the eyes the same

  18. MissNeonz

    craig is sooo funny…”some1 else’s kids”? LOL

  19. loveablemeggy

    why was it necessary for paulie to bring that up to aubery,he wants her to move on from la ink,and now hes just starting drama again,he said he didnt wanna be apart of it,well thats bullshit. And it wasnt even an issue he had to bring up and be honest with aubery,i know its? most likely scripted,but even so,dick move

  20. George Lewis

    Liz last job real state agent? , Now in tattoo shop picking Trash…..Life is Sucks!!

  21. lasthumankind


  22. ajrees4

    dude? chilll

  23. lasthumankind

    hey? why dont u go fuck urself corey is too good for kat and for her shop shes being a total bitch to him

  24. operaknitter

    Kat has been purposely favoring Dan. No wonder Corey is feeling? out in the cold. Time for Corey to go, and please get rid of LIZ!

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