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14 Responses to “LA Ink S04E11 part3”

  1. kat1639

    its? tv

  2. iRunWithLife

    Yeah it’s a work place but they act like middle school students,
    It’s suppose to be a business. Corey is? so in-mature when it comes
    to this, regardless, but your right Kat should have fired her.

  3. Lolagal123

    Is it just me … or does it seem like Dan isn’t the type of guy? that you would think to have tattoos ?

  4. candysuxxx544

    i? love amy and kat

  5. denniscization

    LA ink are such bitchy, backstabbing, wanna be celebs, cock smokers, why do you think everyone fucking leaves? Because Kat, Corey and that nob cheese Dan? (i am english) smith, are all shit stains, and dont seem to realise the world is watching, and seeing what bad fucking people they are.

  6. BurpleNurples

    haha does any one see this hahah why is this dude apologizing to aubrey haha like get over it dude they are saying they dont like drama but still they keep? talking about it is so annoying . also i recall aubrey saying her job is more important that a friend now she is saying that she really cares about their friendship she is dumd she needs to grow up get her job done or quit simple as that

  7. 909sophielou

    bullying aubrey is getting old now, give it up loosers !?

  8. deesan82

    Corey… You are out? of your element… dude…

  9. fezziwigness

    Does no-one see how staged this whole thing is? Treat it? in the same way it’s been produced: a soap opera.

  10. cocochipcookie

    i kinda feel bad for all the new guys were working at LA Ink, beacuse i think that everyone did treat them a bit bad regardless? of how horrible or annoying they are just because the team didn’t know them. Makes me wonder how they would treat someone they didn’t know but was trying their hardest to be part of the team.

  11. Joost Kempen

    Paulie, amy, aubrey and that new boss of paulie, their all actors..?

  12. SSBetty

    “they’re so mean” get over your self. they are mayby not super nice, but it’s a work place. On the other hand kat should have fired her a looong time a? go.

  13. prettypo1

    yep i agree they acting? like children i think they just doing it for tv to loook or sound cool ….. lol they need to man up and act like adults.

  14. Robegro

    Wow, the behaviour of the guys in LA Ink is so fucking naive and horrible. Regardless of how shit the woman’s been as a shop manager, they should have had the courtesy to just fire her soon as rather than drag? it on and be so demeaning towards her. It’s so childish and pathetic.

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