First Impression: Kat Von D’s Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Posted by admin on October 24th, 2012 | Comments (22) |

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22 Responses to “First Impression: Kat Von D’s Lock-It Tattoo Foundation”

  1. IWantYouToWantMe1000

    You have? flawless skin with or without the foundation,,,-mind blown- lol I’m jealous.

  2. kleebee123

    What camera? do u use ?

  3. onthaszz online or sephora stores.

  4. 697iloveyou

    where can you get? the foundation?

  5. starfusher

    Amber – what foundation brush? are you using?

  6. Ashley A

    Just found you on YouTube.? You’re gorgeous and great! Yeah I love this foundation ! Good review

  7. tapgirl4ever4343

    I like? your hair color

  8. Ony Skellington

    you can pull? off any hair colour .____.

  9. lifeisprettysweet

    You have really pretty eyes!? Thanks for the video def buying it now!

  10. MandMgirlz123

    You? kinda look like Taylor Swift at 5:03

  11. Vanesiux123

    Awesome First? Impression Amber!
    im deffenatly buying this foundation, it looks aaaamazing on your skin.
    I would recommend the maybelline dream matte powder, it feels super light on your skin but sets your foundation very nicely, It’s my favorite powder ever!

  12. SillyKittyMeow87

    how much was it??

  13. Amber Bigelow

    Yepp :)?

  14. Kassie manigga

    are? you canadian???

  15. Chii24

    your? nose flares when you talk

  16. tomkaulitzbabe4lyfe

    I have a? few patches from where i have dry skin.. What could i use for a moisturizer..?

  17. Kylie Gatenby

    holy crap i am so? gonna buy this its awsome

  18. Beliberfo

    Ur pretty?

  19. MsKool19

    U? r Really BEAUTIFULLLL

  20. MakeUpJunkie909

    @Amber Bigelow omggg you just made me want to go buy this. im deff going tomorrow to get it! i just discovered your youtube vid as i was searching reviews? for this foundation and i love your stuff! :)) once i get this i am going to do a first impression vid and see if i like it as well! :) ahhh ive tried a bunch of foundations on my channel for foundation routines and nothing gives as much coverage as this looks like it does! can’t wait to try!

  21. Marie Schjelderup

    you`r like ….Supercool? !

  22. Niccals12D3

    it should? be oil-free :)

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