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My thoughts on the new Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation. Let me know if I missed anything. : ) ———- facebook: twitter: blog: instagram: ashleyTIA ———- My review of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Makeup: ———- nails: butter LONDON Gobsmacked

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24 Responses to “Review: Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation”

  1. sheezks

    Can? you apply it with your fingers?

  2. Lori Bell

    Thanks for? the review!!

  3. jennypicalo1

    Thank you for the review. It is well done. What do you think of this foundation for a woman my age? I’m 42 and I love the full coverage look but haven’t gone that route for? many years. I’m thinking maybe those days are over? Thanks for your time.

  4. TensyMB

    It looks like kabuki makeup. I could see using this if you needed to cover up a lot of imperfections,? but otherwise it looks too much like a mask.

  5. TheBethanyFae

    Aw yeah gurl! I? can always trust you to review new high end foundations so I know whether to buy them. :) I seriously want this.

  6. Vani Sagita

    Love the bottle, love the finish,? love the coverage!

  7. missuncontrolled

    Great review, very? detailed. New suscriber.

  8. Zazzushark

    Thanks a ton for this review. Very thorough and helpful.

    Before you did the rest of your makeup, I thought this foundation was a bit much for your face. You don’t need much makeup, obviously. But you blended it? out so well and played up the strengths of the product that your final look is just lovely!

    You’ve convinced me to, at least, go try both the KVD and the UD Naked foundations. For different purposes, one could probably need both. :)

  9. makeupdesire1

    You? are so pretty.o love your hair color and it complements your complexion so well.

  10. TheCarolinaDove

    Great vid! Very helpful? info!

  11. Niqueena1

    Your reviews are some of? my favorites. So thorough and detailed and yet quick and entertaining!!

  12. koharon75

    Try using a better moisturizer first next time. My skin tone is similar to yours and when using this foundation or any other the more moisturizer you use the smoother your face will look and the easier it will be to apply; especially with this foundation. Your skin looks pretty dry, it could just be the video but I bet it will make a huge difference in? the way this foundation looks and blends on you.

  13. TheEvergreen22

    Beautiful as always.?

  14. MyFairSister

    I may have to try this… wow big difference between the? lightest shades of that foundation and UD!

  15. mum2matty

    Thanks for reviewing this? product as I’ve been curious about it. Do you think it makes for a good under eye concealer, or does it fall into creases?

  16. KatieBeth83

    Great review! I had my eye on this foundation, but my skin has really settled down in the past several months, so I think I’ll skip this one. Could you do a video on the foundations you own and compare the coverages of each, as well as when you like to wear them (i.e. seasonally vs. everyday/special occasions), and any other info you think is important to include? You are so well-spoken and concise, and I’d actually pay attention to? your opinions. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  17. Purr0066

    Thank u for this! Was wondering about it!! Glad? u did this!

  18. lisettesbeaute

    Thank you for this? review! I was curious about this!

  19. PeachyKeek

    Oh man, I was really interested until you said it is prone to showing dry patches. My skin is pretty dry, especially in winter. However, I always have problems finding foundation light enough for my skin – so I will keep this one in mind! I’ve actually thought about making a review/video on products for very fair skin since it’s always been a problem for me.

    Also, what lipstick are you wearing when your makeup is finished? Very? pretty!

  20. WildDoveX

    Great review. As you say, not for everyone. I guess? it’s for covering tattoos anywhere on the body if you needed to?

  21. 1marielvis

    Great review!?

  22. shibbydoo322

    Looks fantastic on you! I just bought Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation and it always looks blotchy on me for some reason. This looks paler and better coverage, as I like full coverage due to my extreme redness on my cheeks and? chin.

  23. imspiffy2

    I wouldn’t have even known about this if you hadn’t reviewed it! I have serious skin issues and I’m always looking for a great full coverage foundation that won’t? give me cake face! haha
    Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  24. AmbreNmakeup

    would you recommend the Kat von D foundation or the MUFE? HD better?

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