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25 Responses to “LA Ink S04E02 part5”


    audrey is? another heidi!

  2. cacaitany

    aubrey? is a dumb bitch

  3. xthepromqueenx

    what the hack was that!! poor Cody! she? messes it up!

  4. Sheena Mae Gonzales

    i want to get tat by? corey and kat

  5. Stanfordchick23

    aubrey is just? trying to start drama

  6. MegaDivaWWE


  7. karumentic

    every tattoo that? Corey does is amazing!

  8. ssbts

    aubrey is so sexy, wat a? slammin body!!

  9. ssbts

    aubrey is sooo freakin sexy, wow? wat an a slammin body

  10. swatiabrol


  11. mrseek6

    its a jersey? thing

  12. submissive2Master

    she shouldnt have gone and? totally exaggerated what happened. its private business.

  13. thegetsomethingnice

    I? like amy :(

  14. Sandy Leon

    thats so? horrible.

  15. Sandy Leon

    Dam Aubreys not supposed to go off and tell everyone and they mommas business. thats not cool. Its like when your mom says something about your aunt. you dont? go off and tell your aunt!

  16. tenyearsoftears

    i hate that kat its turning i lilt bit more every day? into a bitch :S shes too much into herself

  17. someonecalledlaura

    Kat’s a bitch. Fucking looks? like a man.

  18. DariRose58

    Wow. Aubrey totally wacked up? the story and she’s just rude.

  19. MasterJediV

    they were so mean to Amy.. they act like they all started out being perfect at tattooing.
    And Aubry? is a freakin’ moron

  20. PagingDrDylan

    Corey is? legendary.

  21. saygoodbyetofate

    yea so mean kats makeup may not be bad but her fuckin ratsnest hair is?

  22. saygoodbyetofate

    glad that bitch aubrey got? hers love amy

  23. numfar1

    At the end did kat say I? have a hard time looking at her face?

  24. RattleheadAnthony

    What a cunt.?

  25. jimmorrison123456

    god Aubrey is a? bitch

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