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25 Responses to “LA Ink S04E04 part2”

  1. crematedmemoir

    Corey – “Alright, I’m gonna bounce!”
    Aubry – “Yay!!!”
    Corey – *walks to? the door*

    Me – XDXDXD

  2. TheBetsyforever

    The only reason they keep the blondie is? because the show lacks drama.

  3. Madison Kube

    “i’m? a tattoo artist – from new yolk!” (nonsexygrin)

  4. Madison Kube

    Nikko? is so small, and pudgey & cute ^-^

  5. CATcatCATwoof

    creepy dad is creeeeeeepy?

  6. Kent Le

    >>———-(-__-)————–> ?

  7. Kent Le

    so fake!

  8. coolbuddydude1

    so? scripted!

  9. TheEvilDuck93

    I kinda feel sorry for Aubry… she’s only trying to put a little? fun into work for a few mins… she may be kinda dumb but give her a break Kat & Co. xD

  10. sashrawr1

    I feel? really bad for Aubry. Shes nice, shes just gotta deal with the drama and stress with the shop. she does something like this to lighten everyone up and get them to destress and she gets shit! :(

  11. folkgirrl

    haha lateron I noticed a lot of people? keep calling it that too.. oh well.. :)

  12. girl123interrupted

    because her script is labeled LA INK season III? on the cover lol

  13. girl123interrupted

    Aubrey, they’re running a tattoo shop. Not a daycare? ha ha freaking plastic crown on her head lol

  14. paperplague

    You’ve gotta have a heart of? stone to turn down a bouncy castle, haha.

  15. folkgirrl

    ok so Paul just HAPPENED to be at the bar? and why does Aubry keep calling it LA ink, when the shop is called High Voltage??

  16. woo1381

    you can tell Kat was right up for it in the beginning, but then as soon as Corey said it was stupid, they were all like yeah? it is stupid. You can clearly see it’s all staged.

  17. MisakiModel

    Kat so would’ve jumped and had fun in the beginning. She used to be a fun big kid, all laughter and jokes. Now it’s all serious and drama filled.
    I miss Pixie, Kim &? Hannah!

  18. MsRoche1

    omfg aubry your so fucking? stupid -.-

  19. deesan82

    I wanna jump with her! it looks like a lot of fun! plus i’m sure those tight asses need a little break from? becoming hollywood wanna bes.

  20. Meansnare

    Just being blonde doesn’t make you dumb! My girlfriends blonde and isn’t dumb at all! Shes just so concerned about everyone not liking her that? if she stopped and thought about it, she’d realise that everyone would like her a lot more if she did her fecking job right!!!

  21. thegetsomethingnice

    the blond one is of course the dumb one -.-?


    this seems really staged. yeh the filming crew are really gona follow the dumb blonde around on her day off…?

  23. ericvid


  24. ThisIsRockwellTV

    Blondie just doesn’t think. I feel embarrassed for her? watching this.

  25. kittynat1

    nice idea, for a party not work dumb? ass

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