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This week Kat takes us around her shows us some of her favorite Handmade Goods! ETSY LINKS: Acoustic Phonograph Ipod Dock: www.etsy.com Light Bulb Moss Terrarium: www.etsy.com Doorbell Robot: www.BrianPoor.com Custom Computer Mouse and Keyboard www.etsy.com Hand carved wooden Belt Buckle: www.etsy.com ALSO CHECK OUT KATS SOCIAL LINKS www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.katvond.tumblr.com Instagram TheKatVonD

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24 Responses to “Kat Von D’s Handmade Obsession!”

  1. macewen1

    Ok, the eyeball doorbell is fairly? astoundingly cool.

  2. flowerpatterns

    I? love all the video’s lately- kat!
    your house is super awesome, by the way.

  3. idkmaibffrose

    So steam? punk…

  4. EmilyFantasmic

    I think the? skull is another alt key. Try SKULL F4.

  5. recklessabandon91

    Loving? your videos kat, what a wonderful
    Home you have x

  6. ninnibee

    I draw, I used to do things out of papier mache, dolls etc. Paint. Redo? old clothes<3


  7. Ana Osorio

    What’s the name of your lipstick, i’m in LOVE!! ,i want kat von d’s make? up but here i Colombia i cant find it :(

  8. xXxlonelyvioletxXx

    i wish i made cool things such as plastic eyeballs? and a habitat inside of a lightbulb. i only paint and draw, however, i do make pretty realistic roses out of playdoh.

  9. Jenna Friedlander

    Love love loveee all your handmade items :D? they’re so original and awesome!

  10. yvetteroxie


  11. Tara Thompson

    I? love love love!! You are amazing!!

  12. lalo perez

    Amazing and? your so boomb!:)


    So? much steampunk!! Great

  14. Accidental49

    depress here for space…lmao? steampunk!

  15. demonablack

    I like i? like!! make clips on stories on tattoos on your body. One tattoo one story!

  16. Teddi Stanczak

    Kat, that doorbell is fucking RAD. I’ve got a life sized scale model of a human skull; I cut open the top-so the “brain” is hollowed out, and now? I use it for holding my plugs, jewelry, and even stash some cash in it! check it outttt!

  17. musiknlyrix

    Oh my gosh dude! The ipod horn? dock is sick!!! I love anything music related so that is amazing to me. I want one!

  18. mhaid1

    That’s a menu button (the skull on your keyboard). It’ll open the right click menu? if you hover anywhere. Love your stuff :)

  19. yhantrixx

    i just love kat von D!!!!!

  20. Megan Plummer

    so jealous! i? love antiquey things

  21. RockalilyDunne

    So? cool

  22. NoBaloneyHomosapiens

    i love your doorbell, i want it!!! i love making things from lace and leather. i make most of my own accessories and my mother has been selling them recently. we? are currently setting up a shop on etsy. i am also just learning screen printing :)

  23. theSpiritofVengence

    hey kat i love your doorbell eye and your keyboard and mouse kicks sooo much ass im a fan of the old school too. i also love classical my favorite is Bach someday i wanna get a tattoo of something crazy from you if your still tattooing by the time i get out of the poor house and actually have money. its almost Halloween so ill end this with hope you have an? amazing Halloween

  24. 123MikeyGo

    Kat, you have? a wicked cool house. 😀

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