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24 Responses to “LA Ink s05e09 part2”

  1. MattieG95

    I feel like it’s really easy to blame the guys in the shop for all the “shit” that goes on, but to be completely? honest I feel like the worst thing that ever happened to that shop is the fucking TV show and it’s producers. They’re the ones that have made the show all about the drama, what with the whole Aubry thing and the clearly edited dialogue. Also, just because less tattoos are shown being done now doesn’t mean they aren’t, it just means the TV producers decided not to fucking show them.

  2. evange03

    Adrienne is more attractive because she isn’t a lying, scheming, money-obsessed sociopath,? but that’s my opinion. I also find women with lots of tattoos really attractive.

  3. Victoria Pasta

    I’ve always wanted a lion tattoo because im a Leo and the fact that they are leaders and they have so much courage and dignity, and i feel they stand for everything i want to find in myself when? times are rough.

  4. thevirtualnightmare

    fuck liz is so? hot!!! and adrienne is like fucking 40!

  5. TattooedVogue

    Craig is? awesome

  6. GibsonxLPxLoverX

    I used to love this show, when it was? actually about tattoos.

  7. Ben Throssell

    fuck, i? hate what the producers have done to this shop

  8. Iareorgasm

    Thanks for uploading these, I was subscribed to some other channel with LA episodes and the prick set most of his videos to private viewing only.? I’m actually glad Kat decided to cancel the show. The first few seasons where amazing and all about the art and friendships but it just got worse and worse and more like a soap opera than a tattoo show in the end. Fucking producers man.

  9. merman4

    who the FUCK get’s away talking like that to another employee at work, that dumb bitch Liz… who does she think she is? she’s gonna die a lonely life with that attitude. I’d be shocked if she has any friends outside the shop, what? a fool she is….. such a g-damn fool

  10. adoptedbyapopmachine

    @claudeval thats? exactly what happened!

  11. adoptedbyapopmachine

    the insanely edited dialogue just? kills me

  12. sh1ppo4


  13. Vexlulz

    Oh man that girl reckons she drew the couple hanging from the tree? It’s? been circulating around deviantart for years, i loved it when i was 11 (i’m 22 now)


  14. arthurtats


  15. arthurtats

    5:19,? you can see adriennes thong, it’s black

  16. scholte

    producers are fucking up her speech makes kat says it like, ‘i WANNA talkto the? REST ofthe SHOP…CAUSE ithink, its affecti- ALL OFus.’

  17. scholte

    3:14? DORAEMON<33 (tattoo)

  18. satinemariana

    I’m not gonna watch this show anymore….I’m sick of all the drama and edited talking..jeez this is a tattoo show and we see 1-2 tattoos? in an episode…

  19. DonkeyParadise

    DAMN IT this editing is driving me insane.? It’s like hearing robots talk. What the fuck.

  20. kultangel2

    Kat would’ve made that time for Dan’s band. And its? obvious. It’s a lack of care/respect to miss Corey’s gig. She knew it meant a lot to him. Period.

  21. flashpointlover1

    Yeah, I agree.? I miss Pixie!

  22. girl123interrupted

    @claudeval Pixie was definitely a real person though and her and Kat were friends for like five years, I wish they’d bring her back! she fit in, was totally sweet, respected everyone at the shop and what they did… awe I miss season one too!!! if season six is this, I swear to god I’ll never watch it? again and its a shame because I really do love the artwork and the tattoos :..c

  23. ukgirlonce

    @claudeval yes because it is all scripted…i bet kat is truly horrified that she is under contract to do THIS as it is now..and cant wait for? this contract to be up.

  24. evilmickey

    HOLY SHIT! What a? morbid tattoo!

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