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Here is my review on the Kat Von D Lock-it tattoo foundation ELF HD Blush review! Daily Vlogs itsJudysLife Facebook me your request Visit my Blog! Instagram ! itsjudytime http itsjudytime in Spanish!…

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25 Responses to “NEW Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation First Impression / Review – itsjudytime”

  1. wondernessful

    “Tattoo” is just in the name to let you? know it has full coverage capability. My question is, did you even read the description of the actual foundation? do you even know what it’s FOR? “this powerful formula was developed to match a broad range of skintones with bold coverage—the proprietary pigments can even effectively cover tattoos.” She is reviewing what it’s for – bold coverage AND even tattoos, NOT just for tattoos. SMH

  2. mufffin777

    I’m? a little skeptical about the foundation just because it says its for ALL skin types and it’s a matte finish and also oil free.. Im not sure how good this foundation would be for dry skin..hmm

  3. iHeartVee7

    Wow thanks Judy! I’m so going to buy this now. Love ur first impressions and I love ur vampy? look. :)

  4. Taylrexo

    awesome? review :)

  5. roorooroo368

    the hard candy concealer is drugstore and covers better than the kat von d concealer.?

  6. soccergirlbobo

    My? fav is the revlon 3d photo ready mascara!!!!!!

  7. mary payne

    Omg u always wear like? a dark lipstick but its a good look 4 u

  8. OnlyGirlRiRi

    you got a? new phone! hehe

  9. dudumaroodii

    This is my fav foundation? by far!! I use it when I want to look flswless!

    Btw what lipstick is that?? It’s gorgeous!

  10. tdotmiss

    Wow I want to get this when? my foundation runs out!

  11. littleointment

    this was? such a great thorough review! thank you

  12. patriciangan101

    would you recommend this or the UD? Naked Skin?


    what’s lipstick are you? using?

  14. Dandelion crux


  15. natalie111592

    okay my question is why are you? so stupid…its not necessarily for people with tattoos…smh …

  16. Dandelion crux

    Agreed you should do some “get ready with me” videos telling? us the product you use!!!

  17. XxMongoljingooxX

    Make? a giveaway pls

  18. Guavamili

    OMG, Finally someone who thinks about taking a picture when doing a foundation review!!! THANK YOU JUDY! I just hate it when my face comes out all “ghostly”? looking with flash photography. And I like to have that kind of information before buying a product. Again : thank you soooo much!!!

  19. bitespanda

    i like your phone! can you do a review? on how you like it! I think you got a new phone.. haha if you didn’t.. my bad

  20. Maudlin Blase

    You should’ve put it on your? tattoo, Judy xD

  21. shaaekli

    Oh? my god, I need to try this. Thank you, Judy

  22. pcbrs

    can you do the benefit hello? flawless foundation?

  23. 1fashionesta13

    could you review the concealer to?? great video! :)

  24. Maudlin Blase

    That is such a great buy, I NEED IT.
    And it seems like you should go a bit darker with the foundations, Judy. It looks a bit to light on? you…

  25. LadyAmanda1985

    The women is having a baby for crying out loud are you ppl really getting on her for her opinion or her choice of words. did you ppl complaining even think that maybe you are over reacting and maybe you need to stop being so judge mental on just a video. my god smh same on you all!! why don’t you research the product your? selfs and make a video if it’s that big of a deal. Hate to see ppl get on someone like Judy who is nothing but happy kind and helpful.

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