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14 Responses to “LA Ink S04E06 part2”

  1. k9education

    I don’t remember which episode this is, but it’s not S04E06.?

  2. annillify

    @canetti101 ? fuck no!

  3. BurpleNurples

    no? they keep her to make good tv thats with every show

  4. 909sophielou

    kats hair? gets bigger every episode

  5. deesan82

    That’s true… they don’t have to keep Aubrey in? the shop do they? They just keep her to treat her like crap. By the way, remember pixie? Pixie didn’t do shit but they didn’t have a problem with that did they? hmmmm…. it shouldn’t be reality tv but tv reality.

  6. Meansnare

    There cannot be anyone as thick as that Aubry in real life.. Its as if she constantly needs to be told “oh well done, you can wipe your own arse, here’s a? blue peter badge!”, and as for her interrupting all the time, I would have smacked her by now because that is the most ignorrant thing you can do and is proof that you are not listening. Also, she’ll say things like “is there anything you need me to do?” and Adrienne will be like “well yeah there’s shit everywhere!” ARGH!

  7. BadBoyer88

    it’s surprising to me how long Aubry got to stay, I? mean she’s clearly just there to be shown on Tv…..

  8. nopainnogain4988

    i f***ing hate aubrey she is so damn stupid i’m just 22 and from? germany but i think i would manage this better than her …

  9. SSBetty

    “can i go?” Sure she allmost hate you and dont want you touching any of her stuff, sure she wants you to go and play? best friend! haha.

  10. BukBukkas

    I used to like Kat, but the way everyone is so mean to Aubrey is disgusting!!? They’re just bullies. Pathetic!!!

  11. Aarabalaa

    This is maybe a tv show? but it’s a tv show about kat’s shop, so, she decided who is in the shop and who isn’t in there, I mean, is her shop despite the show, no?

  12. wouldntevenbleed

    aubrey fucks me off, someone fire her. please.? ahhaa. i love kat >.<

  13. myleskubicek

    people need to realize that “reality” tv is not real, aubrey is hired for the show, not for the shop, they? all get along off set, get real, idiots

  14. krakrakrala

    i think they have Aubrey just to make the show more interesting. i hate adrianne.? she is such a know-it-all. She hasnt achived anything in life, so she frustrated and taking it on aubrey. What a stupid bitch.

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