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“Shop the Kat Von D Starry Eyes Makeup Palette at Sephora (seph.me – What it is: A collection of favorite Kat products for eyes and lips that promise perfect pigment all day. What it does: Go from chic day to gorgeous night with this collection of 12 complementary eye shadows and two stunning liquid lipsticks. Apply the shadows wet or dry, alone or layered, for a variety of romantic looks. Shades are harmoniously matched in color trios and come in three eye-popping finishes: pearl, matte, and glitter. The smooth formula of the liquid lipstick goes on wet for precise application and dries to a striking matte or metallic-foiled finish. Once applied, your color promises to stay pretty in place, without migrating or smudging. This set contains: – 4 x 0.25 oz eye shadow trios in Felix, Helmüt, Lohnër, Requiem – 0.18 oz Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Lolita – 0.18 oz Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Adora “

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24 Responses to “Kat Von D Starry Eyes Makeup Palette”

  1. smartprep

    I Love you Kat!! you’re so beautiful!! and everything you do is freaking? amazing!

  2. gersson elizondo


  3. hannahgore1

    she does and she has? tutorials as well

  4. jennjaytea

    she does have her own? youtube channel….. its thekatvond

  5. horncusker

    Out of? tune guitars? When did this become all the rage?

  6. HEGO68

    I have? a question. what does she do now?

  7. Gresaaa

    she has one and she’s done? a couple i think

  8. MissEffinBeggs

    NEED ? good hell.

  9. ChicaMidnight

    eeeewe would need a hammer ? to remove that make up :S

  10. tonjesivertsen

    Kat’s face at 0:47!!!!? ???

  11. Tara Firman

    Ur glistening &? glowing beautiful be w/that 4ever

  12. HelloIAmCassiopeia



    im gonna go? and buy some now that ive seen this.

  14. coffeeandpoptarts

    she does its? thekatvond

  15. ohscrewthename

    Thank you.?

  16. ohscrewthename

    Ah, I noticed. I wish she could post more often. xD?

  17. angieliddiard

    She has her own YT channel. thekatvond is? her channel name. :)

  18. Carrie Fullerton

    she does it’s kats kloset, she does makeup tutorials and currently? closet tours of her clothes and shoes

  19. notimetodream

    And? her make up is just AWESOME.

  20. SophiePandaXOXO

    her channel? :3

  21. NvrSettle

    Her nails are SICK!!! I? love them. Her style is just forever magnificent.

  22. Rosalyn Stilling

    Whats the first shade of lipstick they show being? applied to her? Is it Valentine or Beranice?

  23. jojozbeauty

    Love the matte? lips.

  24. StarryEyesAnaka

    Finally a makeup palette tailor made for me!! Love all your makeup Kat! Especially your? Tattoo Liner. I can’t live without it!

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