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Here’s a random interview I did with HArper Collins where I talk about everything from tattooing barefoot to my favorite tattoos in my book HIGH VOLTAGE TATTOO.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s Secret Fun Facts!”

  1. janeohyes

    You are the? coolest kat ever(:

  2. gitana1826

    kat tu me puedes? tatuar la boca?

  3. gitana1826

    kat haces makeup permanenta? yo necesito tatuarme en los ojos tu delineado !!!!!!! me lo? harias?

  4. dirtysew23

    i? knoww haha i mean i waited there for 6 hours just to say hi get my book signed and say bye it went too fastt

  5. Katelyn Carota

    me neither! That wouldve? been cool to do….

  6. dirtysew23

    watt i didnt get to do that?!?

  7. kawaiiSweden

    you need to teach me how to do that some day xD Peace? <3

  8. misterelliot11

    Kat i actually love you soo much you are my idol when im older im moving to la just to meet you and hopefully get a tattoo off of you ?? I already know what my first tattoo? will be !! I Love you kat !! xxxxxxx your the biggest ledgend in the world !!

  9. sohooded

    Kat and has been Motley Crue? Man Nikki Sixx are already history. LOL

  10. sohooded

    Kat, you look like my grandma’s tablecloth. Why did you do this grotesque mess to your body? Now you’re humiliating yourself by dating Sandra Bullock’s throw away, womanizer Jesse James. ? tsk tsk

  11. hellokittydolll

    I love her!?

  12. alexlovegunsnroses

    The book is so cool,? I absolutely love it. Kat, you are amazing and you inspire me so much ^^

  13. werdoomedifno1laughs

    I do alot of things barefooted also drive, write with? my toes, and make a sandwich!!! but I’m wierd like that LOL!

  14. Afraid0fGhosts

    i wanna kiss? kat

  15. Cow1996

    There is only one thing I have to? say.

  16. tamarama2012

    barefoot helps keep ya grounded, in tune ….I prefer? barefoot as well…

  17. yayah102

    the tattoo She did for Nikki is the wallpaper on My computer screen!lol…its My? fave tattoo in the planet
    Kat and Nikki are the coolest couple in the planet!
    I hope the stay together,and not break up like there previous relationships.

  18. pinkiztar

    The Stars around your? face do rock!!

  19. mischevious3

    I went into shock when I saw Nikki’s Tattoo it is so amazing I am shocked and I dont know why but it is just so amazing great job Kat I love your work?

  20. bornarobot01

    i signed one fo the books! :)
    haha. this? is a good little video

  21. sisigwithrice

    cant wait to get? the book too! =)

  22. KleineJumbie

    Love it!
    And the fact about having tattoos? and being feminine.That describes you the most!

  23. girlcanpaint0412

    your great, hope to have my tattoo done? by you this summer when I go to cali

  24. sweetkatxoxo

    Kat you’re amazing and I love? your book! It’s amazing, it was my valentine’s day present this year! you rock! can’t wait for more LA Ink! :)

  25. shirley4sure

    amazing :]?

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