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Take a tour of Kat’s Shoe Kloset as she tells us the stories behind some of her favorite pairs! CHECK OUT KATS SOCIAL LINKS www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.katvond.tumblr.com Instagram TheKatVonD

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s Shoe Kloset Tour”

  1. rikadominquez

    KAT!! 333 I EFFIN LOVE YU! IM ACTUALLY SAVING A SPOT? ON MY BACK SO I CAN GET A TATTOO BY YU! YUR AMAZING AND YUR MY IDOL I ONLY ADMIRE YU! i know i sound like a wierdo fan but, well, im a biiiiiiiiq fan but not like crazy crazy. I look up to yu kat! I cant wait so i can finally meet yu! :)

  2. Kimberley Bake

    I am in LOVE with these videos. I’m actually excited for the next one. You’re always an inspiration and i am? insanely jealous of your immense shoe closet!!!

  3. iwantrob

    I’d do? some pretty raunchy stuff to own your shoe closet lol ;P

  4. rainbow39053

    I adore? you :)

  5. elisa pagati

    I <3 your shoes ! and your cat it's so sweet !?

  6. xKatzchen

    Hi? Kat! What are those shoes you wore a lot on Instagram, they’re slouchy open toed shoes?

  7. LouiseH27787

    hi kat loving the vids i am a big fan and wanted to know for all fans who dont live nearby is there away? to request autographs from urself and have to say been watching ur shows for years and read ur book and finally gave me the boost to get my first tattoo and now am on my second hope u answer my request many thanks from ur big fan louise

  8. AhoyJeszi

    Didn’t Ludwig die? Piaf? is so cute though<333

  9. FlyingBacBlack

    I wish she’d do a whole house? tour! From some shots I’ve seen of it, looks so amazing and unique!

  10. sweetpe184

    Sweet shoe collection! I’m kinda jelly…?

  11. necr0sins

    1:45, “I dont get too excited about the people I tattoo…”? Really Kat? That? sounds like shit.

  12. BleedingOnyXx

    <3 thank you! please post more? videos!
    <3 <3 <3

  13. pinkdiamondlatte

    Maybe its just me, I havent been wearing shoes like this for very long, but goodness, I find them unbearably painful!? I feel so ungainly & afraid I will topple forward or twist an ankle. Needless to say I need more practice… but the balls of my feet just feel like theyre walking on glass after a few hours! How do you do it?

  14. girlcanpaint0412

    LOve it!! I’m obsessed with shoes too so I’m glad? to see I’m not alone. Love your sunglasses rack, I need one of those :)

  15. TigerMewMew

    I love shoes? too!!!!! <3

  16. CoolVideoWatcher101

    did you? like tattooing gaga? xD

  17. Mayra Guajardo

    you’d have to book an appointment months in advance cuz she’s? so requested (I checked cuz I want her to do a tattoo I want ;P)

  18. Venessa Chavira

    Please show your makeup collection? soon?!! :)

  19. Rosalyn Stilling

    hey girl, Im a size 8 too so if your getting rid of any, send them my way!! haha really though, i love those baby pink and baby blue vivienne westwoods with the red hearts!? you have some awesome shoes:) show us more glittery, glitzy, off the wall ones!!!!

  20. cincincincin

    Black Flag??

  21. slipknot41000

    Kat you are so cute! 😀 Oh! I when I turn 18 in a year and a half, I would love to get a tattoo done by you which will be my very first. I really hope you read this? maybe cause that would be awesome!! :) Hmm well I hope it happens cause I would be so so happy. :)

  22. Heidi Frederiksen

    is kloset not spelled closet ?? it sounds kinda danishtided 😀


    Huge fan! Hope to be able to buy a pair of your own designed shoes when I come over to Vegas in about a yr, anywhere? in Vegas I can buy??? Scottish fan x

  24. VampireGirl1294

    What an awesome shoe collection, I love converse. I have a lot. My boyfriend bought me most of my nike’s though..but I love my converse.?

  25. Chemelsky

    I have made it my life ambition to get tattoo’d by you, hahaha! I shall tell you the? plan, first I wait till I have a job to start saving money, then, when im 21 I will book the tattoo, and seen as its like a 3 year waiting list ( sad face ) I can build up the excitement! and then I would fly out to see you, PLUS I already know what I would like you to tattoo on me! Im so organised and maybe a little mad :’D

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