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17 Responses to “LA Ink s05e08 part1”

  1. obeyriee

    I missed some seasonns .. what happened to pixie & everyone? ??

  2. evange03

    I really don’t think she comes across as some power mad person. I? know this stuff is scripted but she put up with a lot with Audrey and now this Liz character. People like that who don’t show up to work and don’t learn their simple jobs get fired in the places I work at. Showing up hours late multiple times without calling or having a legitimate reason for not calling means immediate firing. Don’t know what world these women are living in.

  3. evange03

    I think Adrienne is a babe, I really love tattooed women, Kat is obviously a babe but? Adrienne is super cute, she’s aged well.

  4. racheljade92

    and she tries to treat corey like shit. when he’s been there? since day one

  5. racheljade92

    it’s her fault too.. it’s scripted, but she’s reading it!! and at miami ink towards the end she was a drama queen bitch. now she has a big head. i love her to death but she has changed since becoming famous.?

  6. MrMdevaney

    is kats bro? a special needs some kinda mong bong person? if not he sure gives a fucking good impression of one

  7. scholte

    I LOVE gregs equally as bitchy incredible stare at? Liz as she is giving him (about the pillow 😀

  8. lollypop677

    I googled Liz and it turns out she is an actress… it’s not like we didnt already now that? but I hate the fact it’s scripted. I want to see tattoos not drama!
    But thanks so much for uploading all these videos!

  9. MisakiModel

    What? are the links to her blog and Twitter???
    Would love to read them ^_^

  10. luilui124

    jajajaja i started to love ths show but now is more like THE HILLS lol…..?

  11. eppsislike

    No doubt TLC and Discovery is just creating these scripts, all? of this is scripted.

  12. eppsislike

    Yep, Matter of fact I’ve read (I think on her twitter page) that she’s going? to quit the LA Ink project.

    She also responded to someones post on Twitter.

    ”Even though i wan’t it to be as how i wan’t it to be, I’m not in charge, THEY controlling it.”

    She is definitely gonna put LA Ink behind her, this definitely not teh Kat von D that we know !

  13. swiv2d

    kat is a 16 year? old girl with too much power in a 28 year old body.

  14. msrienne3d

    corey’s? really getting on my nerves. what’s his problem?

  15. fluffyshark

    drama drama drama! I know Kat hates the fact the show is now portrayed as this drama entwined crap (she’s blogged about it and posted on her twitter)! The producers brought it liz and aubry to fire things up. The producers are making the shop? look bad. If Kat cares about her shop then after the next season (which the tattooers are contractually obliged to do) she’ll call it quits.

  16. chipityzu

    kat is starting? to piss me off

  17. Maree Standing

    oops i think Kat just stepped over? the line with Corey (2:47)

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