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15 Responses to “La Ink s05e04 part5”

  1. karla mondragon

    wow that? bleached blonde gets uglier by the second!!! like an iguana with tons of foundation …

  2. InFiiLtRaTor

    Aubry’s mouth is fucked… she looks like Jar Jar Binks…. or some fucking? duck…. ugly hoe!

  3. rafyiscool

    liz even said it was gunna be her haha at 4:14? , “its going to be m……, is going to be awarded ” haha fucking bitch

  4. WrongIsWright


  5. xthelastsong

    at least Liz is? prettier to look at then Aubry! 😉

  6. folkgirrl

    lol, if she wants to be done with LA INK, DONT? BE ON THE SHOW!

  7. ruthangelina

    sigh LA? people … rather west coast people in general are so … fucking… stupid

  8. Holliluvzyew

    Id love to sit in kat’s garden,? eating burgers and crisps, and playing badminton D;

  9. MetroStationIsLife1

    Aubrey’s face is so UGLY… Looks like a? caveman HAHA

    Who hates barbecues? They’re the best :)

  10. aliklili

    OMG Liz is such a manipulative bitch!!!!!! I? hate her

  11. moonfacemoonfacemoo

    That angel tattoo is kinda creepy. ?

  12. BillyEatFace

    burgers? and potato chips IS NOT DULL D:

  13. requiemforlove1

    how can aubrey move? on from LA ink if she wont shut the fuck up about it?? she’s so stupid not to know the consequences on tattoo removal!! jesus.

  14. Maree Standing

    I knew? Liz had a hidden agenda. biatch

  15. tiingg91

    wow..Liz giving that bitchy? look..i wanne slap her face..3:14

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