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15 Responses to “LA Ink s05e10 part1”

  1. MoreThanJustSkinDeep

    Dan looks like a cross? between Adam Lambert and Ewan Mcgreger

  2. Victoria Pasta

    i think they where better off with Aubrey….?

  3. YazzyDaSpazzy

    Miami ink had a lot less drama, and a lot? more tattooing.

  4. MPasco79

    my ex girlfriend was just like Liz, she is dead? now, she OD’ed with poison after biting her tongue

  5. truesouljs

    I first started watching this show (& Miami Ink) just to see all the great tattoos…but I LOVE all? the bitchy drama too!

  6. roxyjj16

    in the preview kat clearly says “i should just fire HIM” referring to Corey, but at 2.44 she says “i should just fire HER” referring to Liz. I hate that sort of editing!

  7. kultangel2

    Yet again, another tattoo is done and i have to sit and listen to a 5 minute sob story about what the tattoo means. OH? WAIT no i dont i can SCROLL PAST IT praise god youtube

  8. ukgirlonce

    is there a show that is just about tattoos and none of this other ridiculous scripted rubbish? please if there is can someone tell? me?

  9. MrYomaymay

    thanks soooo much for uploading? all these! wow you ROCK!!! ^^

  10. submissive2Master

    the crew at LA ink? just seem so…. stuck up and two faced lately

  11. carrotty

    its like an episode of 24 sometimes?

  12. BillyEatFace

    ye man and dan gets heaps of time? off o.O

  13. cocochipcookie

    Kat just said it herself, her shop comes in at number 1, I wish she’d care about Corey, he has his family and his own shop, and she never gives him the credit for his? extreamely hard work and never gives him the time off that he asks for and really deserves.

  14. operaknitter

    Thanks once again.
    Liz….? man-eating, manipulative, climber

  15. misinlaguna

    Thank you so much for uploading LA ink. I so appreciate it!!!!! I’ve missed all the episodes, and if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to see any of them. I’ve tried watching them on other websites,? and all they do is freeze up on me!!

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