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18 Responses to “LA Ink s05e10 part4”

  1. noakone1

    She has such a beautiful face, i love to watch her.. UNTIL she opens? her mouth!

  2. Victoria Pasta

    i LOVE that Irish? tattoo.

  3. Victoria Pasta

    yea but i feel she did it for the wrong reasons. To feel in charge, to cause more drama, etc. but in the end? at least he got his time off.

  4. kat1639

    Dan’s married to a woman named? Revekah and they make a cute couple

  5. petem2010

    liz is an actor, she even has a website. She doesnt need a job, cause shes filthy rich giving mortgage loans of $10m. She just wants to become a famous actress.? This show is about 75% fake.

  6. iRunWithLife

    And when? Dan’s band is having a concert or whatever it is Kat is all supportive but when it comes to Corey she has excuses and doesn’t want him to go and stuff.

  7. abbiem95

    awww dan and that kat? the one getting the tattoo) chick would really make a cute couple

  8. retardsinmotionvlogs

    liz? is such a retard UGHHHH

  9. kbbyerly1

    corey is the only reason i keep watching this bullshit … and he? gets TREATED like shit. give the man a damn break!!!

  10. girl123interrupted

    Ugh this makes me so? angry! why does Dan get time off whenever he asks for it and whenever Corey does… And keep in mind he’s been there for her from the beginning… Kat freaking screws him out of it?!

  11. WilderWein77

    I feel sick every? time I see Liz’ nasty, retarded face. She is turning me straight.

  12. Gtugcu

    My sentiments? exactly…lol

  13. RattleheadAnthony

    Liz may be a bitch, but she has a great set tits.?

  14. catvamp13mishka

    @NymphetamineVille she ALWAYS looks? hawwwwwwwwwwwwt!

  15. ajrees4

    oh yea fo sho. she? still pisses me off though.

  16. lasthumankind

    spices? shit up right

  17. ajrees4

    yea, cuz it suits her to do so. she only did it cuz it was to try and make herself chummy with? him.
    maniacal little biatch, even if she’s hot 😛

  18. lasthumankind

    wow liz actually? did something nice for corey

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