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25 Responses to “La Ink s05e04 part3”

  1. InFiiLtRaTor

    Love the irony in this… Aubry gets fired for making a client second guess wanting a tattoo, yet she got a tattoo completely impulsively to try and pretend to be a part of this “tattoo family”. And now she wants? it removed coz she’s fucking stupid…

  2. CCowie123

    i love? amy

  3. rachellawdevera11

    aubrey… oh gosh. “im gonna get? it removed”-.-

  4. TheRachel3131

    that chick needs to stop coming up with ideas and do her job!?

  5. ImperiousViking

    That Aubrey seems obsessed with Kat. Spraypainting her name with a line over it, wanting to remove a tattoo that reminds her, of Kat. Seems like something you would do if you broke up with someone…?

  6. MPasco79

    craig is such a? unique type

  7. motorzeppelinpriest

    wtf why did? they censor amy’s motorhead shirt?

  8. scholte

    i find this repetitive when Liz you know keeps seeing kat if nobodys in agreement as usual with her? ideas…then this is pretty bland scripting

  9. scholte

    she has hair extensions in :L her hair she claims is shoulder length, I couldnt believe it or? imagine that! :)


    that new? shop manager is trying to run it like an office not a tattoo shop

  11. FishnGrease

    Uniforms, time-cards, employee of? the month…..I think Liz should have applied to be a manager at McDonalds.

  12. Sk8pUnKbArBiE

    yeh its from botox its a side efect, the forhead looks bigger.
    (Tho i was thinking do? you think kat has air extentions in …. coz welll that can make your hair like go back after too much use!) =P

  13. woo1381

    @Sk8pUnKbArBiE, i mean her hair line? seems to be higher 😛 looks weird

  14. Sk8pUnKbArBiE

    botox? ?

  15. ruthangelina

    lol poor craig gets stucks with all these really big women. He reminds? me of bernard black

  16. woo1381

    Kats forehead looks weird. it? used to be smaller

  17. ukgirlonce

    she is paid to go? by the script!

  18. zaqua3

    Obviosly you dont pay attention the people come in ask for a tatto then the artists start asking about them in? a real tattoo shop they usualy dont care I know because i used to do tattoos but sometimes the person wants something realy specific and you actualy do want to know about it

  19. liz angel

    competition is a suckin idea in a tattoo shop bitch!!! ?

  20. donmid

    that craig geeza is? fuckin hilarious

  21. Boredoutofmywits

    …We are no therapists or psychologists — we don’t want to listen to? people’s tragedy stories. If you’re working on three or four clients a day, hearing sob stories all the time is just going to be driving you? up the wall.” Louis Molloy, Britsidh tattooist

  22. Boredoutofmywits

    “If there is one way that you can really piss a tattooist off, it is by going in and asking for a tattoo because it represents this, that, and the other,”. “I mean, in being really frank, [tattooists] we don’t give a flying fuck what they represent because we are just here? to do a? job…

  23. louieaubergine

    Kat is either incredibly ignorant or incredibly patient,? can’t deicde which!

  24. Nadia2015

    Why? the fuck do they keep showing the other shop???????????

  25. sexitaliana629

    when does this dumb bitch? liz leave?

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