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Aired: 9/10/2009

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8 Responses to “LA Ink S04E10 part1”

  1. evange03

    Also I’ve seen some pretty shitty tattoos come out of this shop from all of these people and I’ve seen some good ones from Paulie. Of course that Jesus one? was atrocious.

  2. evange03

    Normally I really respect Kat she seems like a real down to Earth cool chick, but I don’t get her hangup with Paulie no one forced her to hire him. If I suggest one of my friends to my boss at work he’s under no obligation to hire them and I wouldn’t be offended if he didn’t? but I would get pissed if he hired them and then acted like I forced him to hire one of my friends.

  3. evange03

    They are my homies, especially Stephanie. They are cool and awesome people, and they have only gotten better over the years especially their last album. I know not everyone likes everyone’s music but they are awesome people. I respect them because they take their band seriously, even if they aren’t classically? trained musicians they can write some catchy tunes.

  4. Dutchsmokersss

    that? drumchick has got some ugly ass legs..

  5. mickeydiesel

    kat? is so fuckin hott

  6. jccp18

    Is this shit real? or is this like a Soap Opera?

  7. deesan82

    paulie just needs to get the hell out of there!! If? he doesn’t, he is gonna get eaten by the sharks…

  8. Letmeinkyou

    paulie needs to? get a grip

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