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Take a mini tour of Kats Kloset and see some of her favorite handmade items and fashion accessories. To celebrate the premier of “Kat’s Kloset” we are giving you the chance to win signed Kat Von D items and Sephora products! Click this link to find out how: apps.facebook.com CHECK OUT KATS SOCIAL LINKS www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.katvond.tumblr.com Instagram TheKatVonD

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25 Responses to “A Peek Inside Kat Von D’s Kloset!”

  1. yanty79

    OMG I? LOVE IT πŸ˜€

  2. swayangel27

    I’m sorry, you’re about to have a new housemate. I’m moving into your closet. Its my wonderland. Its? everything i want in a room. :)

  3. GeorgiaPeach62910

    I LOVE IT! I’m? so jealous! You have the best taste! I especially love the shoes! You’re amazing.

  4. hellomelaniee

    You’re awesome? !!

  5. bethanyfja

    More? videos pleasssssss

  6. xXxlonelyvioletxXx

    this was awesome to watch! i’ve always loved your outfits? so it was cool to see where you get dressed! you should show us your favorite outfit or something!

  7. ladydevlish

    Oh, oh, oh, oh. Shoes, shoes. Show us the shoes. :) I love? your style!!! πŸ˜€

  8. ingelingcarlie9

    Oh? my god!, you closet is so awesome, dude! And to just look at the colors, the necklaces.., it inspires me so much! And make a lot of those ‘wrist warmers’, and I would love to make a pair for you one day. Thank you so much for sharing your Kloset with us! <3

  9. ThreadBanger


  10. Esmeralda52687

    Holy fuck? woman!! O.O

  11. Victoria Roberts

    I love how organized you are and? all the unique things you own!!!

  12. Isadoralai

    omg that’s was so cool, please post more videos! how nice was to saw your first par? pants! hahaha

  13. mnmgrly1


  14. Mrspawnshoppe

    U are srsy so beautiful! Such a? sweet smile

  15. M0TH3RF00K3R

    If I had this closet,? oh my god…

  16. Mrspawnshoppe

    U? are so beautiful

  17. lydiardz1972

    i know alot of your stuff is made for you but other than etsy where else do you? shop ? especially for your shoes ?

  18. TankKey7

    This was very inspiring ^_^ it makes? me want to customize again.

  19. kerstinstrunz75

    Hi Kat. Danke fΓΌr den kurzen Einblick in dein Reich.
    Kann nur WOW sagen.? Unglaublich. Danke

  20. alyssxunderground

    You’re such an inspiration to me, Kat. Looking forward? on seeing more of your vids!!<3

  21. sonimonster1

    You’re so humble- thank you? for being awesome <3

  22. TheIlovejake

    omg kat ive wanted to see this video for so loonnggg ! thank you πŸ˜€ love piaf just peering in there :) you have inspired me in so many ways you couldnt imagine . you are actually in my? final piece this year for school , ive designed a whole canvas on you :) i look at you twitter account all day long even though i live in the uk and not much changes on there in the day here .i will always love you and will always follow you on twitter – @EmilyLenton

  23. Eva Dr

    Hola Kat! Great job! To keep this thing going – and we want you to – it would be great if you could highlight how you keep up with fashion or how? you are inspired (Frida Kahlo, Cholas, Mariachis, 80s, etc) and how you will translate your style for every season? That would be great! Also how about a fashion show, what kinds of looks would you pair with your makeup line? I have 3 sisters, and we always run to each other’s closets to pull things out and say “fashion show!” We still play dress up :)

  24. conversepunk14

    I love your style!! πŸ˜€ You are? one of my biggest inspirations πŸ˜€ ^_^

  25. followtheforce

    You are? so fabulous! I love your closet!

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