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22 Responses to “LA Ink S04E09 part2”

  1. corpolio

    i think id snap if i had someone like audrey in? the shop

  2. sarahjf2007

    yeah thats a legit Brooklyn accent-? trust me I know, my whole family is from there. when I go to visit my name is no longer the usual mid-western “sair-ah” pronunciation, they change my name to “saah-raw” over there

  3. Lolagal123


  4. TonightsWish

    @KrwawaDama I? agree 100%

  5. nnnnicolaaaa

    audrey dont give up? your day job. worst comedian ever.

  6. moonfacemoonfacemoo

    Paulie and his friend are? actors, right? Because no one is that “Noo Yawk.”

  7. 909sophielou

    what happened to hannah and kim in this? series, I must have missed some episodes ?

  8. yayah102

    ahhhh – us NZers and our sarcasm. LOVE? YOU DAN!

  9. Boredoutofmywits

    …We are no therapists or psychologists — we don’t want to listen to people’s tragedy stories. If you’re working on three or four clients a? day, hearing sob stories all the time is just going to be driving you? up the wall.” Louis Molloy, Britsidh tattooist to the stars

  10. Boredoutofmywits

    “If there is one way that you can really piss a tattooist off, it is by going in and asking for a tattoo because it represents this, that, and the other,”. “I mean, in being really frank, [tattooists] we don’t give a flying fuck what they represent because we are just here to do a? job…?

  11. WikkidAwesomeness

    totally. they keep her around to have someone to? bully on the show. they think its funny but it really just makes em all look like dicks

  12. dashbella

    why is pauly a? tatt artist? hes shit

  13. BillyEatFace

    i feel bad for her? lol why would she still work there?

  14. someonecalledlaura

    They’re so fucking mean to her, I? feel really sorry for her.

  15. prettypo1

    kick in the? throat

  16. marenmarcochris

    I totally agree with u. I don’t like her and she is at the wrong place BUT why? is she still there? They are bullies!
    But the whole show is just about Aubrey anyway! By the way, Paulie ‘s work is so bad…

  17. NightxAngell

    They are so fucking mean to her. If they don’t like her then they should let her go, but since they obviosuly aren’t going to do that, they should help her out and let her know what to do? to improve her performance at the shop so they get along better with her and value her more as an imployee, not harass her and ridicule her every chance they get. Jesus.

  18. BukBukkas

    They’re fucking? bullies

  19. alexlovegunsnroses

    Pauli is a really bad? artist seriously

  20. keoky01

    I love? Corey

  21. musikismine

    corey’s boy put a? big smile on my face. belly button hair, ahaha. what a cutie.

  22. bitxupal

    love? it!!!!

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