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25 Responses to “Collective Haul: MakeupGeek, theBalm, Urban Decay, Kat Von D”

  1. GlowMyWay

    you have to get? it in just the right light! There’s hardly any shimmer in mine!

  2. materialgurl0718

    Awesome haul!! I can’t wait to see some swatches from? MUG! I’ve been curious to how well they are! Xoxo Cynthia

  3. 82seeker

    I would have done the same dance, and the some. lol I gotta go an hour away to shop at Ulta. The closest thing I have is a Sephora inside of the jcpenney. ?

  4. rxy81

    first, I am getting a new, nearby ulta store soon, and I feel like dancing just like you did :-) …although I am afraid for what will happen to my finances now…..second- LOVE your eye makeup? jn this video!!

  5. candycoatedpaw

    oh i love the ULTA dance. only you can pull that off. maybe? me too.. hoping there’ll be ULTA from across the globe. we dont have it here in the Philippines, and i hate seeing sales we can’t avail from all the drugstores you all have there. though i always enjoy your hauls. :)

  6. missturtleluv

    I can’t wait for a review on the? MUG Lipsticks. They look so beautiful. The orange one might be hard to pull off for me, but all of the other ones look like they would be a home run…Love them. Swatches for her eyeshadows would be fun too.

  7. 444Raine

    Excellent? haul! Fun to watch. :)

  8. mandy22f

    Dutch treats! Yay, xoxo from Holland :)
    Great haul!?

  9. aheater1

    You got some great stuff! Looking forward to the makeup geek? review. Curious about their line

  10. EuropeanOak

    corrupt is sooooo black it’s ridiculous!!! I don’t see the shimmer in mine though??? Mine? is completely matte…

  11. clbiz38

    I? tried the kvd one when they were giving out samples at sephora. It was actually really good (stayed matte, lasted a long time, didn’t oxidize, ect.) but my foundation brush was completely coated in the stuff! It’s almost like a full face concealer hah, but without the cake face. But please share if you try the benefit shtuff, been eyeing it for ages!

  12. 07kalma

    i LOVE your reaction towards Ulta! I was so excited as well! Even though i love shopping at Target, Wal-mart, CVS, etc for my drugstore needs, i love that at ulta you can get points and get stuff for? free lol

  13. thedarlingdebs

    I love the “Ulta Dance”!! I really like that purple color from the OPI German collection. I have about 4 of the makeupgeek shadows, they are nice. Take care xx!?

  14. edelgast4

    Awesome haul! Thanks? for sharing.

  15. StephAnn094

    All the? MUG stuff looks really pretty. Can’t wait to see reviews and such :)

  16. GlowMyWay

    I haven’t tried it! I’m thinking of trying the new KVD one, too – maybe I’ll get samples from Sephora? this weekend.

  17. clbiz38

    I honestly have been going insane over this whole Urban Decay Naked Skin thing, at first I was completely convinced it was a gimmick, but it really does look? fabulous on you and the whole right match or take it back thing is pretty cool. Have you tried the benefit oxygen wow? It seems as though they’re the exact same thing, but just maybe, one’s better than the other?

  18. GlowMyWay

    Oh, I’ve just been really REALLY busy lately! I do actually think the new? UD formula is awesome! I haven’t tested every shade, but the ones I have tested are really great!

  19. GlowMyWay

    Yeah, it’s not my favorite lipstick scent either, but it goes away very quickly for? me after I apply it. I can’t deal with a lingering scent right under my nose, even one I like, LOL!

  20. GlowMyWay

    Right? I just wander through the store mumbling, “Oh, wow!” a lot, LOL!? Enjoy your MUG shadows!!

  21. GlowMyWay

    Oh, right, I should’ve put that in! It’s in the details bar now (it won’t let me put a link? in here)

  22. GlowMyWay

    Aw, thank you!! I used the UD primer with the UD Naked foundation. I also wear Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer with SPF 50 under all that, which makes it look a little more? dewy. :)

  23. GlowMyWay

    Haha,? that’s too funny! They’re AWESOME fans!

  24. GlowMyWay

    Oh you’re so? sweet! I’ve got some tutorials coming up soon! :)

  25. GlowMyWay

    I use Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer with SPF 50 and I love it!?

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