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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Saint Palette Smokey Eye”

  1. Starlanna4307

    “Your probably won’t like this…-pause- But, I? do”. I giggled at this. Love you so much jess!

  2. sheenajoyr

    I think your? concealer looks beautiful:)

  3. ColieBee90

    I work at a tanning salon, and I’m not near as dark? as you! What are you doing? Spraying? Self tanning? GAH!

  4. Cari1483

    Jess, do you ever fill in? your eyebrows? If so, with which product?

  5. jesspynk13


  6. cat1475

    “idiots”? hahahahaha

  7. lowcountrygirl76

    Never heard that term-jankey-lol! Might have to start using that one.? Smokey eyes look nice on you. They make me look like I have two black eyes. ????

  8. apartmentcook

    Janky! Ahhh! I use that word all the time at cosmetology school when someone’s (or my)? look comes out wrong.

  9. Jessie Akeroyd

    I love your smokey eye looks. Please do a naked and naked 2 smokey eye look when you have a chance. Thanks? for all the great videos. :)

  10. willingtootry

    p s your skin? is to die for!

  11. willingtootry

    im not totally sure what? you mean when you mention following your lower lash line to do the outer v. you have mentioned using your lower lash line in some of your other videos and i just get lost. can you describe that more?

  12. whitmachado

    when you said you weren’t wearing any under eye concealer I? was in sock you don’t have dark circles or anything its like your already wearing some. Your so lucky.

  13. MsGrannyXOXO

    What foundation are you wearing in this video? Your skin? looks flawless!

  14. untamedblu

    great tutorial– thanks!
    looking fwd to? the vlog— yahooooo!!

  15. julez1225


  16. sumgirl79

    you said? “jankey!” we use that word ALL the time lol! pretty look!~

  17. maryem802

    i have her very first palette and still love it :] lotsa fallout though :/ whatever though, love your? look! xoxo Mary

  18. BellaSparkles1

    beautiful and entertaining . :) I’ve tried to like Kat Von? D’s palettes. I’ve recently tried again, and again, im returning. too much glitter and too much fall out. Too much work to use them. But it made me sad. Cuz ya, i love Kat, but dont love her make up. *sad face*

  19. simplyana02

    Great smokey eye. You are hilarious especially in the bloopers! Check out my channel when you? get a chance! Xo Ana

  20. klaquel

    Your tutorials are the best? I’ve seen on Youtube, seriously, and I’ve watched A TON of videos haha.. obsessed!

  21. gabbygoo1

    You are literally the only beauty guru that makes me all out belly laugh when I watch you! I mean that in a good way!? :-)

  22. hennaluv

    LOOOL i love you! really enjoyed watching this vid- both informative re the palette and you made me laugh in places! oh, and you’re gorgeous too!? haha x

  23. Laura Tice

    I always love your eye? looks :)

  24. Slemmans1

    I just bought that concealer in radiance about? 2 mths ago as where I live in Alberta, Canada I can’t seem to find it at every store or drugstore but someone messaged me and told me Shoppers Drug Mart and tada it’s great I love it too!:)

  25. Slemmans1

    Super? pretty!!!:))

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