Joe Rogan Podcast #263 – Kat Von D, Eddie Bravo Posted by admin on September 12th, 2012 | Comments (25) |


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25 Responses to “Joe Rogan Podcast #263 – Kat Von D, Eddie Bravo”

  1. dopeantikz

    It means your? mamma

  2. normalpsychology

    What does your username? mean?

  3. normalpsychology

    What? does your username mean?

  4. normalpsychology

    What does your username mean??

  5. normalpsychology

    What does your username mean??

  6. normalpsychology

    To me, it sounds like they kind of “blacked out” and forgot some amazing adventures. Alcohol is? so fucking lame.

  7. normalpsychology

    What does your username? mean?

  8. normalpsychology

    What does? your username mean?

  9. normalpsychology

    What does? your username mean?

  10. normalpsychology

    Ultimately, she’s just a “painter.” ? She “paints” with ink … on people’s skin. She’s kind of pretty, getting older, but not really a polarizing, “fascinating” figure to listen to for two hours.

  11. crankatorium

    1:26:22 “you gots to tattoo my name on yo dick… this the only way dis? gonna work.”

  12. crankatorium

    hahaha. Humans have been around for? millions of years gtfo.

  13. crankatorium

    she seems down to earth. It’s cute? how she laughs like she’s squealing.

  14. narezul

    hey how bout canibus? on the show

  15. narezul

    wow, really? i feel like i? could say the exact opposite.

  16. dopeantikz

    Shut up? n blow me

  17. empowermph

    you sound like a douche, ‘intelligent successful woman’ haha, you pussy. Girls hate guys like you who kiss up to them,? You might as well have a cunt and join them, u fucking lame
    and if you dont smoke weed, get the fuck out

  18. loudawgg48

    If you’re talking crap on here, you are the ugly beasts Joe talks about on every other podcast. If you don’t like? the guests, don’t watch/listen COCKSUCKERS!!

  19. GMastrokostas

    “Everybody is retarded today” hahahahahahaha

  20. chronicrossi89

    this isn’t about being dateable you dumb fuck .. this is about a guest on? a podcast that your just hating for no reason or for some odd reason you judge women on whether or not you could date them .. thats some petty shit lol

  21. MrIanRants

    No problem dude, Tom Segura’s on tonight?

  22. dankfrank10

    Redban 12:00 ??

  23. bethoishorse

    i look forward to listening to the idiot conversation had by these 3 idiots so i can judge its idiotness. ? come back later to read my awesome review.

    you’re welcome in advance

  24. bethoishorse

    a highly accurate observation. i agree totally,? well said

  25. bethoishorse

    redban doesn’t need? to try to impress you faggot it happens automatically

    you’re so jealous of him cause hes so awesome

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