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This lip color should be called “Out of LINE”, because is the BOLDEST and brightest red I have ever seen in my life. You will either LOVE or HATE it…and it’s NOT a color for people who care about what other people think. I LOVE IT!

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20 Responses to “New LOVE: Kat Von D Liquid Everlasting Love in “Outlaw””

  1. alexiscentric


  2. qochemist

    Actually I love seeing a darker? skinned person with a really bold lip. Not everyone would do it but I have a friend who does and she can really pull it off… I think it depends on the base color of the lipstick and the undertones of the person’s skin. I may go test it out.

  3. alexiscentric

    You must try it out at Sephora. It’s BRIGHT and orange-red…looks different on. A more wearable red for most women would? be MAC’s Russian Red (another fav).? This is OUTRAGEOUS. Try it on at the store.

  4. alexiscentric


  5. alexiscentric

    Eeek. I definitely does NOT work on many complexions. I don’t know how someone darker than me can wear it. You must try? it out at Sephora. It’s BRIGHT and orange-red…looks different on. A more wearable red for most women would be MAC’s Russian Red (another fav). This is OUTRAGEOUS. Try it on at the store.

  6. alexiscentric

    A beautiful red is actually Russian Red by MAC– it’s a bright tomato red. The one highlighted here is much brighter than it appears…it’s a BOLD crazy? “Who does she think she is” red. Definitely a winner!

  7. alexiscentric

    Well, probably because a lot of darker black women can wear a red with a blue undertone easier than an orange-red…depending on their color and confidence. I HATE the color purple,? or any shade of it.

  8. alexiscentric

    You definitely have to? know who you are to wear something that bright.

  9. alexiscentric

    Really? You all see? something I don’t see! :)

  10. alexiscentric

    Thanks. It’s? super bright…almost glows. VERY bold, but I like it.

  11. angie101972

    The color looks really? good on you

  12. cocoaisbeautiful

    I was thinkin’ the same thing. Made me? wanna buy it just to be that happy! lol

  13. OpulenceandAllure

    love it, reminds me of eartha kitt at? her boldest!

  14. zehn916

    Nice. I? cannot stand nor do I understand Why Hollywood ALWAYS put women of color in everything Purple!

  15. Yekinae2

    This is a beautiful? red! Looks good on you!

  16. qochemist

    Very nice color…It? looks like it would work on many complexions. Thanks for sharing :)

  17. guesshoo

    Looked like you thoroughly enjoyed applying? that lol.

  18. mpenny226

    Sooo beautiful! I will? check it out. I love a nice red.

  19. alexiscentric

    Thanks! You? can’t see how RED it is even in video!!!

  20. teddygirl52

    AWESOME! You? are beautiful :o)

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