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Application Demo at 08:03 I literally own 9 different foundations right now and I can honestly say this foundation is my absolute favorite. I’m always searching for the next best matte foundation, and as soon as I saw a review on this foundation on musingsofamuse.com I knew it had to be mine. This foundation is super pigmented as it is formulated with 21% pigment, this is a FULL coverage foundation. Every imperfection that I have disappears when I use it, post acne scars, redness, blemishes, everything but all of my under-eye circles which I prefer to use a concealer anyway. I’ve never had a foundation hide my acne scars so effectively. The matte finish is comfortable and it doesn’t feel like a mask. Wears for the whole day without oxidizing or fading. You don’t actually have to powder with this foundation, I do anyways just in case but it’s not necessary. I’m shade Medium 52 and it matches me perfectly. Comes in a pump format that you can’t open yourself, but it keeps out any air and contaminants. Great for oily skin as it sucks up any oil, maybe not so great for dry skin. Supposedly it’s meant to cover tattoos, I don’t have any so I don’t know if that claim is true but I bet it would cover a lot of one. It’s exclusively at Sephora. The foundation: www.sephora.com My Personal Beauty Blog: cheriebeautyblog.blogspot.com My Yahoo Blog: shine.yahoo.com My Twitter: twitter.com My Instagram Username: cherielovemakeup FTC Disclaimer: Bought this foundation myself!

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24 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation Review & Demo”

  1. missuncontrolled

    That foundation looks great on you! Thank you so much for the? review.

  2. BlackWolf3296

    Wow. It doesn’t even look like you are wearing foundation. Im using bare ecsentials mineral foundation right now. Have you tried it? If so how do you? think it compares?

  3. cherielovemakeup

    I have the new Tarte Maracuja Foundation but I? haven’t tried it yet b/c it’s not the right shade for me. If you do get the Kat Von D let me know how they compare!

  4. cherielovemakeup

    It’s called? Fix + from MAC, it’s basically water, you can just fill a spray bottle with water and save some money. I use it so the bristles don’t soak up so much product.

  5. asnea525

    Oh, also…what is it that you’re spraying on your brush? Sorry I? couldn’t hear you that well….

  6. asnea525

    Thank you! I will definitely try this. Especially for evenings.

    I’m currently using Tarte’s full coverage foundation which, in my opinion, covers most of my acne scars, discoloration, etc. and it does a pretty decent job of controlling my oily complexion. HOWEVER, it does have a bit? of a dewy finish, and I use a lot more than you do of this foundation. I like that you’re just dotting it on your face. I want that! Plus, the Tarte FC is not transfer resistant. I’m so eager to try this now. Than

  7. TikTokxoxo

    It’s? 41$ here in Canada.

  8. NurseGatita

    Great review!? I have to check this out!

  9. pddbliba

    Great review?

  10. Niqueena1

    Great review! Have a lot of redness and feel like this could cover? it! Love foundation reviews like these that show an application too! I think you sold me when u said non transferable with lasting power. I need this in my life!

  11. cherielovemakeup

    I recommend using only a little bit of primer, or at least that’s what works for me. I have used that brush too with this foundation and I think a sponge wouldn’t look as nice. This is puzzling to me as I am so happy with the foundation. If it? doesn’t work out for you I recommend trying Hourglass Immaculate liquid to powder foundation, it sucks up so much oil I don’t ever powder with it.

  12. natcupcake

    One other thing.. when I purchased it, I was told by a Sephora employee that you’re supposed to apply it with a damp sponge.. Haven’t heard about that, and in the video on Sephora’s website, KVD herself uses a brush to apply it lol. I did try it both? ways, and preferred the brush application!

  13. natcupcake

    I have oily to very oily skin.. In my first application of it, I used the new flat angled kabuki Sigma brush. To be fair, I did use a few oil-controlling primers/setting sprays before & after applying this, & I did not try her rehab elixer, nor her setting spray, so I will try again & maybe? switch up my routine before applying the foundation. It just seems like my oily skin “broke” through the full coverage, 24 hr wear, transfer resistant claims. :( Hoping the second time around will be better!

  14. cherielovemakeup

    I will have one up? soon promise!

  15. cherielovemakeup

    Yeah I like to do it myself, then I have? only myself to blame if it’s the wrong shade lol.

  16. cherielovemakeup

    Okay? one will be up asap!

  17. cherielovemakeup

    Thank you for posting your comment. Can you share your skin type and your brush you are? using to apply? I’m very curious, I haven’t seen a negative experience yet on the interwebs.

  18. natcupcake

    I purchased this yesterday, and I’m wearing it today.. Honestly, first impression, I am underwhelmed by this foundation. I do love the coloring, I’m the lightest in every foundation shade, and much of the time the lightest foundation is too yellow. So, the color is perfect. However, 8 hours into wearing this foundation,? it’s separated, and has transferred a bit. I’m going to give it another try (or 2 or 3 lol), but unfortunately, I am not seeing any of the claims working for me. :(

  19. TheLaquie

    I have very oily skin its like an oil slick. I would love to know what? other options are there for matte but not cakey textures. Thanks.

  20. xxnuggletxx

    try the? concealer

  21. kellihairmakeup

    me tooooo !! i swear everytime i have ppl? match me i go home an its the wrong one !!! an this foundation runs light !!!

  22. txbrunettegirl

    yes, I’m interested in? foundations for oily skin

  23. cherielovemakeup

    I really think you’re? going to love it!

  24. sparklewish80

    thanks for this review. ive been looking for a holy grail foundation that works with very oily skin. i am so going to give this? a try!! :)

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