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25 Responses to “LA Ink s05e11 part3”

  1. kat1639

    I couldnt agree? more

  2. racheljade92

    kat’s brother seems slightly retarded?

  3. CATcatCATwoof

    that bit made me laugh so hard!!!?

  4. Hiam Abdala

    corey its a better person.? i love him. kat is a bitch

  5. PantheonLincoln

    Craig is clearly insane, but that’s why he’s one of the best things in the show. ? Makes me proud to be British.

  6. 101RMT

    corey? is just getting ruthless

  7. kultangel2

    LOL ‘dont touch me’ ?

  8. rungtiwajade

    i feel sorry for Corey though, corey hes doing this to cat cause hes think cat is his friend and would understand that all he needed is fucking a break but oops cat doesnt understand him and turned being such a bitch to him. Corey have been always on her side, done so much for her but cat never thought about it..keep saying im the boss, the boss…meh! Corey hes got family and shop he gotta take care of..i’d be so stressed out too? if i was him.

  9. flashpointlover1

    Kats right. Corey is taking advantage of her. Doesn’t matter if you need time off or are tired, she’s? your boss.

  10. themckinnondude

    pause it at? 6:27

  11. girl123interrupted

    Why? the hell would Kat confront her brother about Corey? all he does is inventory and t shirts?!

  12. Animonstar95

    Corey is being such a? baby!

  13. ukgirlonce

    ? heyyyyyy….lol :p

  14. glitch1213

    I think about that every time they chop up the sound bites.? It sounds horrible.

  15. 909sophielou

    I don’t know? wether to take craig seriously lol, he is great tho

  16. FilmpjesVanDeFlip

    At the end.. it’s the same shot as when Kat’s sis decided to leave.

    This is just edited? stupidly.

  17. Holliluvzyew

    Awww? grats amy!!

  18. PriscilliaElviera

    I? love greg´s weird sense of humor ahaha

  19. unggu5

    I love craig.. “Don’t Touch? Me!”

  20. Taymour77

    damn? britts 😛

  21. henroyblack

    craig has? a crazy sense of humor

  22. kschart25

    “dont touch me.” oh craig…lol?

  23. emeraldpixie

    Why are people pitying Corey? He knew what he signed up for when he started working at Kat’s shop; a shop that gave him a lot? of exposure! The way he has conducted himself this last season conveys perfectly not only how selfish he is but how he is a bully! Kat is better off without him!

  24. PersonalOutcast

    corey never gets time? off it sucks for him espesally when aburey was there

  25. UnmadeHistory

    I think this might be? the most poorly edited show of all time, lol

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