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23 Responses to “La Ink s05e04 part1”

  1. LucifersArms666

    i don’t trust any woman’s period Adrian, but of course that’s? just me

  2. harhainen

    soulja boy? is one annoying narcissist..

  3. MrLongduckdoong

    My name is soulja girl? and I have a vagina!!

  4. MrMurtleTurtle

    Ha, never trust anything that bleeds once a month? and doesn’t die!

  5. Sheena Mae Gonzales

    i love corey how he? react

  6. CATcatCATwoof

    Haaaaaaaaaaa, Liz owned Dan!!!!! Good! That no-mind needs to? be put in his place!!

  7. ImperiousViking

    8:27 “I don’t trust her period”

    I’ve? never trusted a womans period

  8. sh1ppo4

    they were brainwashing? cookies!

  9. iRunWithLife

    His big head and big mouth.?

  10. scholte

    his humours not that? bad

  11. jadesimonejordanox

    who calls them? self a superstar? i’m suprised he fit through the door with his big head, jeeeze.

  12. Isten1

    because he made that 1 hit single :’D it’s a joke that in the US you can’t avoid creatures like soulja boy :/ but the same thing is happening in my country so i guess we have to wait another 10 years to bring back the old school music…i? hope that i could help you with my answer

  13. kbbyerly1

    i’ve never even HEARD? of “soulja boy.” what a fucking arrogant ass! “i’m a superstar.” whatever!

  14. Lolagal123

    Yeah. It was Souja Boy’s first time being “inked up” by a female. It? was also his first time even being TOUCHED by a female….

  15. SuperDP1991

    Liz? isn’t the most perfect person ever but Adrienne also is so fucking like negative and allways in a shitty mood I hate her attitude

  16. girl123interrupted

    I’m so sick of the British guy talking shit about the managers… go tattoo or something? ha ha

  17. girl123interrupted

    well, even when Oprah or Paris introduces themselves, they’ll always say “Hello, I’m Oprah” … “Hello, I’m Paris” it’d be kind of conceited to approach a person? without saying a word, it kind of says “Hey, I’m famous and you’d have to be living under a rock to not know who I AM”

  18. xxgoodxxevilxx

    dang this soulja guy feels? like hes the coolest man alive

  19. darkstar4641


  20. LiveeMusic

    Soulja? boy up in here oh watch he’s a douche bag watch him go!!! :O 😀

  21. BurpleNurples

    adrienne is not jealous she just? know how liz is she would brown nose till she gets what she wants lol

  22. evilmickey

    Ma naym? is Soulja boi and aam ay superstar! 😀

    Lol, what a diva…And by diva, i mean fag! 😀

  23. FeRae13

    Adrienne is SO not jealous! Liz is a complete moron! Look? around sweetie! Ha!
    LA Ink is awesome and definitely showcases some amazing artists! Thanks deepseadiver for awesome episodes!!! -3

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