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24 Responses to “LA Ink S04E07 part5”

  1. buckskinbabe93

    lol? no she said awwww

  2. L30Demali

    Abury You Fucking? Bitch .

  3. iRunWithLife

    I think Aubry should have just ask Dan personally
    instead of being so rude infront? of Paul and saying
    “Your definetely not tatooing me!”

  4. rungtiwajade

    pore paul, i think shes a nice guy very honest and never? faking!

  5. Empress1010

    I? think everyone would :)

  6. RevelationProphet

    If i was? Dan or Paulie I would give Aubrey a
    Big tattoo Dick in her back with a hairy fucking enormous balls. LOL

  7. samtattooargentina

    5.11 baby face? 0_0

  8. 909sophielou

    poor? pauly :(

  9. jennyscreamsout

    Guys, the reason WHY they’ve been keeping Aubrey is because she keeps the show interesting. You hate her, you feel bad for her, whatever at least you’re? getting a reaction. That’s why it’s a reality show!

  10. DaniellaRoccasalva1

    Did Kat “meow”? at the baby? lol!

  11. glendaray666

    I feel abit sorry for Aubry tbh, I know she’s abit shit like but she didn’t deserve to be screamed at like that coz she wants some one else to do the tattoo. Fair enough she coulda been nicer about it but everyones been a dick to her really they can’t say nothin to her for decidin she wants? a main artist to do her tattoo

  12. charley333

    She’s so desperate to get in with the rest of them that she takes Paulie for granted. Although Paulie needs to get the? stick out of his butt and get himself some clients…

  13. charley333

    She’s so desperate to get in? with the rest of them that she takes Paulie for granted. Although Paulie needs to get the stick out of his butt and get himself some clients…

  14. JBluvr4alltime

    Hope is so? cute <3

  15. xtrajently

    Dumb blond bitch..?

  16. SSBetty

    kat looks a bit like cher in? that outfit and with her hair.

  17. kittehtoy

    that isn’t Kat? haha

  18. westcoastchopper666

    that’s cold you can see it in kat’s? face 1:00

  19. takita81

    all? about aubry in this season i dont like her!

  20. Maree Standing

    Aubry does not think? b4 she speaks. Paulie should have told her to fck off and do not speak to me ever again.

  21. hardout100

    aubry? is a fuckwit

  22. fumeres

    i don’t understand why the blond (aubry) is still there, i? hope she get fired soon, she is so stupid.

  23. Empress1010

    what Aubry said? was really hurtful, and I agree with Paul

  24. philipinochik

    Aubry doesnt know what she is saying every time she just says bull crap and she hurt Paulie’s feelings really bad and im on Paulies? side and aubry is just falling to Dan and he thinks that she is a slut (or maybe i do)

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