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25 Responses to “LA Ink s05e11 part5”

  1. harhainen

    only in america -show… haha.-.. bullshit!?

  2. aboylegolcom

    You kidding me ? Narcissists love nothing? better than contributing to charity. In their minds, they are buying people’s respect and admiration. There’s really nothing they would rather spend their money on. Show me someone who publically and openly spends lavishly on charity with their own money, and I will show you a sociopath.

  3. aboylegolcom

    Uh, yeah … I don’t think a narcisstic sociopath would contribute to charity as much as she does. Get your facts straight. Actually I think it’s you who is the narcissist, commenting on your? own comments.

  4. aboylegolcom

    Kat is a classic narcissistic sociopath. I love how she says she’s ‘heartbroken’ then a few seconds later shows her true colors by saying she’s ‘not going to let anyone get in her way’. Cory is an idiot for thinking she is his friend. She is not capable of friendship? with anyone. Snakes are just not cuddly animals. But the funny thing is that I think she’d actually be quite a good boss if only she would drop all the manipulative ‘we are a family’ stuff — her phrase for ‘I need a favor’.

  5. racheljade92

    kat acts like corey is ditching her and he is disrespecting? her…. she started the whole shitty situation…. she let the producers at tlc ruin a friendship with somebody that helped her with her shop just as much as what she did.

  6. TheKieshaKiesha

    hahaha amy is runnin off to get high? with her bf OBVIOUSLY. he got her all fucked up lol hilarious

  7. monno1994

    Your shop built by ur hands GET A DAMN LIFE…Your? are a lil 12 year old in 25 w/e year old body u got this shop sponsored u didnt work ur but off to pay a loan or smth u was given a shop as u want a tv show a ton of costumers…..And u did all bitch plz

  8. 1980AD1

    This whole show is edited and? pasted together. Its pointless!

  9. Vexlulz

    That bit where she says “it’s really hard for me to do my job”, swear that’s pasted from when she was fighting with? aubry last season?

  10. jedi50001

    guys were’s? the follow on episode for this?

  11. scholte

    oh my goodness what is tht man on the left? doing 2:18 :/

  12. gentlebrit

    Seems she has forgotten the time when she didnt show up for corey’s gig coz she was “too busy” But there all quick to shoot him down coz he didnt show at the barbecue coz Kat has taken time out of her busy schedule to organise it. There all a pack? of bitches.

  13. daintyhippie

    Fame got to Kat’s head. It’s really sad.? She has lost her true friends.

  14. xthelastsong

    aw those video clips made me sad!? And I think Pixie should come back as the shop manager, everybody loved her!

  15. girl123interrupted

    Kat, when someone you’re working to the bone and never complains for two years is repeatedly saying “I need some time off, I need some time off, I’m getting burnt out, I’m exhausted, please” you need to fucking listen to them. Corey has NEVER? complained until now and he’s the one who’s been commuting two hours a day!

  16. bummsecks


  17. joeybeeman

    bullshit editing!!!! Its so bad tlc producers need their asses? fired! The fans of the sow are geting a really bum deal!

  18. TigIt79

    WTF is up with the editing n audio????!!!!!!!!!!……..this show is shit now…. i miss when it was about the ink,the art, the stories n journeys behind them…show lighting how tattoos could help so many different people from every walk of life… or even just throw a smile on their face n make em that much happier about themselves….now its all about? this bullshit unnecessary drama…

  19. ukgirlonce

    …yeah..b.s..and fake drama…i just forward till? they’re actually

  20. Holliluvzyew

    Fuckin awful? editting

  21. deesan82

    He has been there since the begining and as badly as he is acting, he should’ve gotten time off? right from the begining.

  22. PriscilliaElviera

    corey´s wife? is beautiful

  23. facciabella

    @marinawha I was JUST thinking that when I heard? it! I’m glad somebody else caught it.

  24. glendaray666

    How many fuckin times does Kat have to say that they’re all a tattoo familly? Seriously? Kat is a So are most of the other people who work there, I thought? this was a tattoo show not a fucked up version of ‘the hills’ or some shit like that. Miami Ink all the way, there’s none of this bullshit on there.

  25. BillyEatFace

    corey is having a midlife crisis in? my opinion

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