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23 Responses to “La Ink s05e04 part4”

  1. lovelycomplexions

    I seriously cannot stand? Aubrey.

  2. LadyPinwheel

    Why is that Aubrey thing still in? the show? And why do they keep show that shop of horrors with those freaks? I want to see the L.A. Ink studio, not that…. thing!

  3. primaryazlovesguys

    LOL Kat 3:12?

  4. scholte

    aubreys face looks like? a…dinosaur/ fetus thing…especially when she grinsXD

  5. TheEvilDuck93

    Cannot beleive Corey would prefer Liz to Aubry… Liz is like everything I hate? about people personified and maximised. (Yes I do realize it’s staged).

  6. hardkandy91

    pixie blew up at? kim
    not hannah

  7. ThatGirl0800

    Dood Adriann kick some ass haha xD? I love her she is just so…well kick ass hahahah

  8. MariaTastedInk

    Liz really fucking pisses me off.?

  9. girl123interrupted

    @minautautruss Pixie blew up at Hannah (previous employee who moved back to Chicago I think) and told her she was going to “knock her out” and “not to fuck with her” and she did this all in front of customers, then she stormed out and Kat said on camera that? she couldn’t tolerate someone threatening her employees and basically said that Pixie would no longer be employed at the shop and that was it. :./ Kind of sad because I liked Pixie but she was a tad lazy and texted most the day while@work

  10. minautautruss

    I was wondering what happened to Pixie, is she still recovering? from the surgery? Because they seem to have problems with new people in the shop, and she has been there from the beginning?

  11. ukgirlonce

    i want? to see craigs tattoos..

  12. engelarzt

    I love Adrienne!!! get out Liz!!!?

  13. vexxykins

    “I have nightmares with kat”
    lmfao. ?

  14. MetroStationIsLife1

    Isn’t Aubrey one of the skanks on the “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels”?? lol! Some reason I thought I saw her on there.

  15. NerdGogo

    LOL 3:12 when? Kat mimics her brother, “I’ll never be employee of the month” – hilarious! 😀

  16. florah3

    liz makes my head explode -.-
    … need i say more??

  17. sandworm78

    That bitch Liz is acting like Lumberg from? Office Space! LOL

  18. MrPurplemonsta

    Aubrey? is obsessed with Kat!!

  19. MsBondie

    Can’t stand Aubrey. She makes me go “aaaarrrrrghghghgghh, my braaiiiinnn!!” lol!? SO dumb.

  20. operaknitter

    Thanks so much for the uploads!? Makes my day!

  21. musikismine

    3:04 aww kat’s brother’s? so cute. he reminded me of eeyore from winnie the pooh

  22. Maree Standing

    thankyou? again

  23. Phoenixbird27

    Haha! Can’t wait to see Aubrey cry at tattoo removal! ?

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