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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Art of Elysium”

  1. plaidword

    are you kidding me…she has like the most flawless perfect natural skin? you’ve ever seen.

  2. ChicaMidnight

    Too bad without make up she look like shit lol?

  3. ForeverAGoner

    She’s a beautiful person, inside? and out.

  4. Jamie Todd

    She’s dry and? boring..

  5. 09strawberries

    I love Kat Von D, she is? a huge inspiration and an AWESOME artist =3

  6. TinyMakeUpAdvices

    sweetie <3?

  7. SimplyBella15

    She is so? pretty!

  8. kml250995

    i absolutely? love her !

  9. CheekySisters

    love love? love love her

  10. lovelilyzombie

    I really like? her videos:)

  11. JumpinGJehuzefat

    about? time

  12. Jenen Gil

    i had no? idea she had an eyeshadow named enjoy the silence…

    – dies –

  13. aprettygarden

    Her eyeshadow blows my mind! I? adore her!!

  14. 1689skye

    the same way you assume i have no? intellect when you have no idea who i am

  15. CavalliAna

    I’m not sure, but maybe it’s because she only? mentions the products that belong to the brand she’s advertising. For example, I think she didn’t mention the blush she used either (and other stuff), probably ’cause her brand doesn’t have one.

  16. deadgirl82

    I don’t even know why im bothering to reply to the likes of you, who is obviously without any kind of intellect… But I shall humor you for just a second 😉
    How exactly do you know what my eyelashes look like, when? you have no idea who I am??

  17. 1689skye

    cause she does dipstick with fake lashes you can tell cause the corners always stick out her lashes are a normal length just because you? have stubby or shitty lashes dont hate on people who have long lashes

  18. teacupadventures

    i love the way she applies her lipstick… i? dont know why but its so amusing. i love her looks <3 BEAUTIFUL

  19. thekellarts

    @deadgirl82 lol don’t get so worked up? about it.

  20. TheNextAvrilLavigne

    she’s so charitable?

  21. TheNextAvrilLavigne

    I do too?

  22. QueenOfTheTrolls

    i want her god damn eyebrows lols?

  23. Jeffo193

    I love Kat, she’s such a gorgeous person :)?

  24. deadgirl82

    SHE GETS PAID A FORTUNE TO DO? IT!!!! Im sure I would do it for for that amount of money!!!

  25. deadgirl82

    Why does she NEVER mention the fact that she wears fake eye lashes on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO?!!!
    God-that woman is so fucking FAKE!?

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