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Here’s a big review on all of the products I own from Kat Von D’s makeup line available at Sephora! I hope you enjoy! facebook: www.facebook.com Buy her products here: www.sephora.com Blog and other info about this video: izzyandmakeup.tumblr.com

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Review”

  1. doublehomicide

    I’ll see you on steam please don’t even? fucking lie because i’ll go POSTAL

  2. ScribbledSomething

    you’re? gorgeous! <3

  3. mansonreunion

    Add vaseline to the creme colors and it? should help if they do dry out.

  4. NirvanaRose123

    The? makeup rocks but met kat she was fucking rude

  5. lani king

    I love your makeup and? hair

  6. SnookLuussh

    Its a Kitty!!?

  7. SnookLuussh

    KVD’s makeup is gorgeous? but not for the money it was selling for honestly .. even the nail polishes

  8. jade theophile

    your? verry pretty love yourhairstyle =)

  9. AkiAme0

    i love KVD but honestly this Adora palette? was the WORST!
    it wasnt worth the money:/ sorrry

  10. AkiAme0

    you’re soo pretty!!! And oh my lord, the same EXACT color broke on me when my mom? dropped my palette in the bathroom sink D: i guess its really fragile. i sort of stopped using mine after >> Because the shadow contaminated EVERY OTHER ONE!:(
    still love KVDs cosmetis 😀

  11. CaramelCleo

    i think someone at sephora dropped my palette while packaging. my oddfellow and holy bible was was everywhere. it chunks up so easily i? guess.

  12. pikachulovezyou

    thanks for the reviews im going? off to sephora and buying off her line(:

  13. pikachulovezyou

    your so pretty?

  14. pootbaby

    were we the only ones who say that because I saw? it too!

  15. skylilly1

    Love your eye liner!! I love? her nail polish, shadows and lipsticks…the darker the better! I’m hoping for more lipstick colors from her..lots of reds,and purply reds..etc.. Thanks for the swatches!

  16. walkingdead191

    My Beethoven palette broke on me, but a long time after I bought it. You probably could’ve taken it back to? Sephora and gotten a replacement. They’re pretty nice about that stuff. After I realized how fragile they are, I started keeping them in the packaging because it’s a bit of a buffer.

  17. SuperSidewalkChalk

    i am new? to your channel, :) so if i say anything stupid im sorry :)
    i notice an amp in the corner of the room, do you play guitar?

  18. wipers86

    you’re? beautiful, you remind me of, the Twilight character, Alice Cullen, don’t ask me why

  19. MagiskAbrivia

    I really want too try the kat von d make up! Looks? great. Btw..what do you have on your nails ? ^^

  20. gralvien

    For some reason, I? would really like you for a good friend.

  21. Kiwi653

    its a cat. hahah?

  22. Deynarock

    2:22 look the left what? is it? D:

  23. RawrSaveme123

    You remind me? kind of Wiona Ryder. Love it :3

  24. PinkPearlphase2

    Gorgeous skin! youre? a true beauty!

  25. Lisadippity329

    I had the same problem with my cream shadows you can add a drop of witch hazel to them and the consistency comes back to life.? My peanut broke and i added witch hazel to put it back together, just blend it back together with the little brush until its creamy but not too wet then put tissue on top and something heavy while it dries. Just a tip for any future breaks since these eye shadows are so soft and they tend to break and dry out!

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