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Model Sabina Kelley comes in for a monster head pinup and shares her story of being outcasted for being a professional model with tattoos.

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24 Responses to “LA Ink – Model goes for monster design”

  1. deadbrain66

    She’s well-known and? very much appreciated in the underground culture. This woman has been on the cover of numerous tattoos, cars, fashion, fetish and other alt magazines. She also writes a column in one and models for the best lines of alt and pin up clothings. She’s also a business woman, who owns her own tattoo shop. As far as I’m concerned, she could get paid in food stamps, she already does pretty well anyway.

  2. dizzydiana

    that was pretty cool?

  3. KuniKarin01

    she? is the ugliest fuckin’ model i have ever seen

  4. hcurrie7

    I know exactly what you mean. Its kinda ironic that they really push the dont judge me for my looks/tats but at the same time? they are doing what you just described.

  5. 1crazyirish

    for f#$%^ sake, shes an alternative lifestyles model.Shes not a calvin klein perfect world fatuous waste of air model.look it up,? alternative……lifestyle…….model.

  6. Ninaki13th

    hate sleeve tattoos on girls but i think she is gorgeous,I only like the tattoo? she got on her leg.

  7. Merchelloful

    What the fuck does the chick ,”model”…. Facebook? I dig chicks with tattoo’s? and i dig models, but a model is Adriana Lima. This chick gets paid in food stamps and black tar heroin, lets be real about this shit.

  8. zulok1337

    Not necessarily, some of course do it to be abnormal and unique, but some do it to express themselves and use a canvas for their artwork that will never rip or get messed up, it’s also a way for them to show off their taste in certain cultures or art or anything? they might find dear to them in a way that doesn’t involve it being on a t-shirt, like most “ordinary” girls.

  9. thisismrtommy

    I think she’s not 100% dependent on the model industry thats why she is confident enough to get two full sleeves.. or am i? mistaken

  10. ScarletFire22

    I get kind of irritated when girls who have lots of tatoos act like their so “rare” and? “unique.” Your appearance shouldn’t be what makes you interesting or unique, it’s your mind and personality that is. It’s very hypocritical of them to act like it’s what’s on the inside that counts but then do everything they can to look outrageous on the outside. They are just as much slaves to appearance as any other girl, yet they act like they aren’t. This makes them very ordinary.

  11. MegaGreendayfan101

    shes? the chick that does bams tattoos

  12. ieatpaint1029

    you see? that vein there?
    yeah, they hurt

  13. maysoon24

    Bet she’s not going? to love all those tats when she’s a 60 year old. Yuck.

  14. sabs6697

    my name? is sabina to:o

  15. CCowie123

    Kat is hot?

  16. JulieVonJawbreaker

    shes? BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  17. enriquerojo80

    pero que te pasa estas loco¿ o? que?

  18. bobmoegrabi

    No offense? but she aint a model

  19. bekaloveskelly

    She took? that like it was nothing. I want to keep her in mind when I go for my first tattoo (:

  20. MrKotic21

    the? pirate ship she has on her arm looks awesome!

  21. hawkermana132

    why is it that whenever? someone gets bashed on the comment section for a video, they always respond by mentioning grammer……. 😛

  22. kisuke2891

    tattoos are an art not a shame more model should have then it just saying to the world i love what i get and? im not afraid to show who i am

  23. 6Fail9

    I’ll agree with that.. Just? not to many though.

  24. SammyP321

    What is it with these 30 second long adverts for every video??? I don’t want to go? to fucking Turkey!!!

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