Miami Ink- KatVonD, Beethoven tattoo. Posted by admin on August 16th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Kat Von D producing a great portrait of Beethoven.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink- KatVonD, Beethoven tattoo.”

  1. VisionaryTattoos

    i wouldve been? more dramatic with the facial shading; they wouldve hooked up.

  2. TheInboil

    wait, did this guy say he wishes to? be, HALF the musician Beethoven was? no, he didnt

  3. TheInboil

    some? push ups would be good dude

  4. sailoraddiction

    I saw that tattoo in person,? she did a wonderful job.

  5. lytrocinho18

    very cool!!!?

  6. kelsodelroy


  7. LanePennyMiss

    Genau das dachte ich auch grade..?

  8. MrNogginz


  9. bigsleep32

    You don’t like? Beethoven…. you don’t know what you’re missing.

  10. KILOnegra23

    it was a quote by beethoven when he realized he was going deaf. he said “i? will not let my condition wholly me, i shall sieze fate by the throat” so yeah. by the time he composed his last symphony he was completly deaf and couldnt hear his music

  11. uhohwhoops

    Sick. As. Fuck.?

  12. mxhotel

    What does Seize Fate? by the throat means?

  13. Mustbejorden

    Dude, whats up with 2:00 ??????

  14. SimplyJoshingAround

    I find it amazing that Beethoven is still kicking ass even 183 years? after he died

  15. clavo420

    Didn’t know Beethoven was? crosseyed…

  16. PIEroCloud

    Kat is so? amazing!

  17. MissExecutive

    right in the center of? his chest!?


  18. narutoman102

    this guy is on beethovens? dick some one get him off

  19. havoc151976

    dude, whats up with your? pink nipples lol.

  20. kyletettleton

    is it just me or does kat have? either fewer tattoos in her new videos?

  21. TheYearTwentyTwenty

    I’m getting that same portrait on me? arm.

  22. macciocapatonda88

    bethoven? between nipples LOL

  23. xjustapersonX

    ohh? i think so too, thanks (:

  24. amandeepsohi

    I think it says “Seize fate by? the throat.”

  25. papikupreman

    OMG i love it so much…so realistic tattoo? :)

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