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DJ ill Will & HotNewHipHop Present the Official Video for “La La La” (Prod by Kajmir Royale). Video Directed by Alex Nazari Director of Photography: Levon Muradian Follow @Kid_Ink On Twitter Off Kid Ink’s highly successful Mixtape “Crash Landing” which can be downloaded in its interity here:

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25 Responses to “Kid Ink – La La La [Official Video]”

  1. ix3Nike

    300 people are deaf ..?



  3. tinofantastico

    i? think we should enjoy the music instead of discussing bout hitler

  4. Africanstyle198x

    GERMANY!! …. oh fuck..? i’m Black 2 :)

  5. 17BigNose

    I like Hitler ! fuck? i’m Black 😀

  6. grimshaw819

    Kid Ink over all rappers!! If i had to choose i would hands down pick kid ink!! Fuck tyga fuck MGK fuck Mac Miller!! Kid Ink is my shit. You can diss me? all you want but Kid Ink has got the realest shit out there!! No lie

  7. CallitRAWRbitch

    I’m german and? I don’t like Hitler -.-*

  8. DerSamson1

    people like you are so retarded. you talk about us as if we were all nazis but we have nothing to do with things that german people (and hitler wasn’t even german) have done? 70 years ago. -.-

  9. mw3amazingfootage

    i hate the ppl who hate the country? they live in

  10. ddx1245

    das heist germans du? spasti xDD

  11. KaiOneXxX

    This song is? not on itunes…

  12. Lamar JSapp

    Please check out my videos x Give? Feedback – Lamar J.Sapp

  13. airmax334

    chris brown lookin ass but? your shit killing chris brown’s though INK ALUMNI!

  14. xXSnowManCripXx

    lol why the fuck are all the comments? ´bout germans, RANDOM

  15. baconsandwich1234

    I know this is random but? i just youtubed some nigga named Nebu Kiniza and im fucking speechless check this guy out man and he’s not even signed..

  16. Eric Duran

    dude kid ink should give some credit? to basshunter

  17. thecoldest4life

    Without a fitted and? shades, kid ink looks more like too short

  18. X3R035

    wazup? wt da top comments havin
    notin 2 do with the song

  19. MrBulletification

    wtf, it was the? Europeans who did that

  20. TheAlec55


  21. TheAlec55

    kid ink is? taking over my ipod

  22. dartagnant6

    hearing this when your stoned lol?

  23. zuen44

    Why do so much Germans and? Americans like Amsterdam ? WTF high as fuck

  24. 280fighter

    i might sound stupid b ut wats rammstein? and why everybody talking bout this shit in kid inks video?

  25. Megadeth256

    America was responsible for one of the worst genocides known to man – killing of the Native Americans so don’t be so ignorant. U might see al qaeda as a huge terrorist organization that mite only effect america but immagine being in the middle east living every day bombings going off, no power, and we’re? there being just as bad conflicting. They can see us as terrorist so don’t be so immature and centered.

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