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23 Responses to “Season 3-LA.Ink.part-3 – Kat Bares It All.avi”

  1. kenesha john

    kinda true aubree is just trying to please kat but seems like kat just wants more?

  2. NYCgirl911

    Amy is amazing? with make-up !!!

  3. theAhorse4

    Kat? is prettier without tattos!

  4. queensausageable

    Who thinks Amy needs? more lipstick?

  5. RainKrewskater

    They’re? too fucking stressed.

  6. KoolioBoiz

    amy is fucking gorgeous !?

  7. xHopelessLyricX

    She’s hot WITH the tattoos, so? it goes together.

  8. smash3desire

    maaannn WTF….amy an son…..holy? coww..

  9. alibugbug

    every body on this show just needs to calm? the fuck down. smoke some weed and get laid and enjoy life

  10. Tyler777robinson

    i tend to forget from watching la ink how long it acually takes for these kinda tats to be done depeding? on what they want done …dang i want a sleeve can’t eve n imagine how long thats gonna take oh well

  11. polskifowklor

    dude kat looks uber hot without the tattoo’s, i’m? shocked

  12. thisismrtommy

    i? really dont like the fact the girls are so arrogant in dis shop

  13. thisismrtommy

    the truth is, kat von d needs some serious? ass banging and slaps

  14. mrsalexandria267

    maybe you should add “grammar” to that list, “I? don’t noticed”? srsly?

  15. FeedUsFetusFajitas

    “niiikko!? – Hi cory” lol

  16. Laurenrosanna

    11.13 oh? deer…

  17. Sacrificechen

    Oh my fucking shit. :DDDD I don’t even noticed that we from? Germany have such a bad english pronounciation.

  18. VeilsOfVelvet

    I agree. It’s not even fun to watch the 3rd season because all it is is them complaining about everything that Aubrey does. She can’t even complement Nikko’s artwork? without Adrienne getting all bent outta shape over it.

  19. GredOrForge

    The magic? of makeup

  20. MaytheJolie77

    They’re not the only ones that make art in this focking world or the best, there’re many? people around the world that does the same thing but don’t have the same knowledge that they deserve.

  21. MaytheJolie77

    I didn’t like the way they treat Aubree, i can’t found an answer why she supports it all, for me watching this season now I think Kat is very arrogant and annoying person and her friends too, futile people. I like Aubree and I think she’s very hardworking and a funny girl to talk,? work and have fun but unfortunately L.A ink just care about their business. =(

  22. Ziara2411

    Does Aubree have locks now. Or how some? people say dreads ?

  23. TheMidnightgrace

    shes A MOM!??? holy shit…she looks like shes in her 20s?

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