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25 Responses to “Season 3-LA.Ink.part-4 – Aubry Tries to Help.avi”

  1. SparklsLoveVictoria

    drama, drama ?

  2. mlisaus

    I think it’s normal what she’s doing – if nobody noticed she? is blond :)

  3. DrOctopusBJJ

    What’s? with all of the fucking stories? Sometimes people just get tattoos because they look cool.

  4. SuperChoclateFactory

    publicity and? rating

  5. bleeeeeh100

    Aubrey seems like a chill girl but she has to understand that she needs to be professional about her job!. She? should dedicate more to what she has to do then, it seems like she’s not doing that!. The teams frustration is understandable!.

  6. modestmoose83

    That guy made Jesus’? face look like he’s a tranny.

  7. modestmoose83

    Because drama makes for good TV. Shows about tattoos suck. I don’t know why I’m? watching this.

  8. TheDoveness

    That jesus tattoo was fucking garbage!!!!?

  9. queensausageable

    Aubrey an actor, brought in to inject drama and controversy. Otherwise it’ll? be booooring.

  10. Simsrockslol

    Aubrey is just brought into? the show to make it ‘Dramatic” and “intersting”

  11. mithilag

    “It’s not personal” it’s alllllllll personal?

  12. mithilag

    It’s just fuckin sad watchin Aubrey. They? just hate her. They’ve always hated her. Why doesn’t she just get it. They don’t like her, she’s a bit of a lame… she should’ve left a long time ago…
    she’s not a bitch or anything though. She just tries too hard

  13. FameHookerAlice

    I? Love Kat ^-^

  14. RusherBoy-Elevate Halwaythere

    I? love Aubrey :DD

  15. thekidah1

    jesus christ that christ is? shit

  16. czuo

    kat is so hot and cute at? the same time, damn..

  17. shegotyagood

    hoo, boy, that chick with the ‘germs’ t-shirt is NASTY looking. whoa.?

  18. EmmaV54069

    They even told her ‘I’d take that down RIGHT NOW’ and she just didn’t . stupid bitch.?

  19. BBREntertainment

    One? Word… Ratings !

  20. Vaughn Meachem

    The Jesus tattoo was ass! and he had women’s lips!? Smh

  21. SecretNerd101

    Omg Aubry you are a grown woman grown women dont bounce on jumping? castles

  22. kittycat4321

    Corey “alright I’m gonna bounce LOL JOKES? bitch”

  23. DoOdLeBaKa

    Corey’s? married ):

  24. gr82bmissy

    “She could? have brought some fireworks.” LMAO

  25. GredOrForge

    Corey’s married .? . .

    and his wife is named Kat

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