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ftc: bought it mehselffff!

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25 Responses to “kat von d tattoo liner review”

  1. scorchedcandy

    Japanese eye liners also have? calligraphy brush tips.

  2. Charlottee97xx

    “ITS SNOWING!” ……”k well apparently its? snowing…”
    LOL funniest thing ever;)

  3. fairytalelights

    your one eyebrow is bigger then the other, im sorry? but i just saw it lol

  4. 2016030

    Ellen? just called me wrinkle face :(

  5. BubblegumJoss

    You said? “like” 25 times

  6. bellabow1234


  7. Sasukekitty221

    i thought she was gonna go on after she said. “do you really think its gonna stay? on?” and then the video ended..xD

  8. janer99

    “IT’S SNOWING !” “shut up…” “k well apparently it’s snowing…”?

  9. MsBrunomarslover

    God I love your sister! “It’s snowing”…. =]?

  10. MsBrunomarslover

    She’s hairodynamic..and her sister is? teenmakeuptips…you probably should have known you were watching hairodynamic…don’t you read?….. :)

  11. Daisiesxo

    hahaha Shelby!? “It’s Snowing!” “K, well apparently its snowing…” hahaha!

  12. xXCarlaRaeXx

    ARe you and your? sister Canadian?? Just wondering :)

  13. cvstar411

    LOL your sister!!?

  14. MadiDCampbell4

    are you teenmakeuptips or is? that your sister?

  15. MadiDCampbell4


    in houston

    its the end of december… last year by now its? snowed twice

    its 81 degrees outside

  16. block25music

    it scared tha LIFE OUT OF ME when someone popped throug tha door nd saiid – ‘ITS SNOWING!’?

  17. anusheh1231

    its snowing lmao?

  18. LilRedRideingHood01


  19. KaleaIzLittle

    I had the SAME problem, There? is no way to prevent that from happening, u just kinda have to check in a mirror all the time :'(

  20. LiveLaughLoveYou381

    check out my videos please!! i need more? viewers!(:

  21. jewelsrb


  22. LiveLaughLoveYou381

    Check out my channel pleaseeee! and anyone? who reads this. i dont have many subscribers yet. check it out(:

  23. thosebullfartingcows

    where did you find the eyeliner?
    i want? to try it out. (:

  24. FreakySelly3

    Lmfao, haha “It’s Snowing”, “Okay shutup, well? apparently it’s snowing” Was that Shelby? haha

  25. FreakySelly3

    Lmfao, haha “It’s Snowing”, “Okay shutup, well apparently? it’s snowing”

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