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Shop the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation at Sephora. ( – Kat Von D’s step-by-step guide on how to use her new foundation. Step 1: Prep the skin by applying the Kat Von D Rehab Priming Elixir all over the face. Step 2: Using a the foundation brush from the Kat Von D 5 Piece Brush Set with Case, lightly pat the product into the areas where you need the most coverage. Buff the product out into the skin in a circular motion. Be sure to go in on the areas that may require additional blending. Step 3: Using the Tattoo Concealer Brush, dab the Lock-It Tattoo Concealer on any blemishes, dark circles, tattoos, or any area you want to conceal and perfect.

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24 Responses to “How To Use Kat Von D’s New Lock-It Tattoo Foundation”

  1. munkiitare

    what? lipstick is she wearing in this video?

  2. alexaozeki12

    its so matte, and looks like my real? skin

  3. alexaozeki12

    I got a sample? and wearing it toay and it WORKS SOOOOO WELLLLLLLL

  4. nesandsusa

    Yo lo quiero!!! Alguien sabe si en Sephora España venden algo? de Kat Von D?? Me encantaaaa

  5. Valerie Gonzales

    i got this in a sample and it was really? good i cant wait to buy it!

  6. kitklein94

    I love how much her hands are tattooed ! It looks so crazy in a cool? way when she put’s make up on there :) ?

  7. mickdraggen

    It looks like it covers her lighting bolt? tattoo pretty well but not completely. I wish she/ the director would have really shown how to cover a tattoo and not just the whole face. This video was really just like every other foundation video out there and that is not what the foundation is about right?

  8. Genevieize

    cant wait to try !?

  9. jaedoolity

    I bought this yesterday and a longwear (supposedly water & sweat proof) foundation from MAC & put them both on half of my face.? After walking out in sweltering S Florida heat (I was dripping when I came back in!) this one blew MAC out of the water!! So awesome!!

  10. xoLoveLeti

    You can kind of tell from her mini lightning bolt tattoo on her? face that it has great coverage :)

  11. Victorian9322

    You can? order online.

  12. MHreviewgirl

    Hey, I am a teen that does beauty videos here on YouTube. I have 115 subscribers and I love making videos. I really want to get more subscribers and it would mean the world to me if you checked out my channel. Please thumb this up so people can see it. Thanks? for reading this and please check out my channel.

  13. tygress1

    She doesnt even need foundation. Kats so? pretty without it! :)

  14. Choualee1

    looks? oily

  15. paperheart38

    i wish she would have used the? concealer on her tattoos just to show how opaque it is. still great full coverage foundation tho

  16. AliceArisuHearts

    shes so pretty, seriously i? think i have to get this

  17. fatefernandezz

    Why? don’t the Sephora outlets in Singapore bring in Kat Von D’s make up! I am furious.

  18. AmethystMystress

    Her foundation rocks!! I bought it and I love? it!! :)

  19. MadGirlzLilyAndLola

    I wish I could put? eyeliner like she does! :3

  20. esthasx

    im just wondering, you does she? put foundation without covering her tattos?

  21. GeorgiaPeach62910

    She’s so beautiful!?

  22. stefienicolep

    She doesn’t even need foundation!! They should use it on someone who has uneven skin tone or blemishes! Does anyone know if it’s oil free? It seems like it’s not with how much they talk about how moisturizing it is… And? if it’s not oil free, they should come out with one!

  23. vickisaurusrex

    I love her she’s gorgeous and great product line? :) i just wish they stopped changing the video angle so constantly in this video it’s hard to focus on what she is doing

  24. skinnypigs1

    Not at all, she? is gorgeous and herself.

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