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25 Responses to “Season 3-LA.Ink.part-17 – Whose Party Is It.avi”

  1. bebosafetycow1

    i think it’s the bangs. she doesn’t have the bangs this season.? she’s just as amazing as usual though.

  2. kevin23vespa

    if abubrey wants to? get that tatoo remubed then it means that she didnt get it for the right reason

  3. dafin79

    abubrey looks like jar? jar binks

  4. shegotyagood

    the show is so scripted by? these episodes, it’s easy to just skip to the tattoo parts. i mean, watching corey and dan talking about liz? come on. and, every time liz speaks, she smirks, as if she’s saying, ‘okay, guys, i memorized my lines, let’s roll tape.’.

  5. nathan salyers

    that fucking bitch flirted wit cats bro to git him to do her work? he didnt even know

  6. AnnaCorleone

    Is it just me or does Kat look odd in? this season? It is something around her forehead… -.-

  7. dgiogal

    im sorry, but Aubrey has? to be the most retarded annoying broad in existence. I don’t understand how Aubrey claimed to own two businesses, but she’s obviously incompetent.

  8. mrugod

    ”im soldier boy and im a superstar”…? what a faggot

  9. harhainen

    haha.. what a funny dude you are :D?

  10. lacallisunshine

    soulja? toy be ma boy

  11. Fraxxo21

    dude Adrienne? is such a biiitch damn!

  12. cjcrow9991

    40:28 :DDD you? and i buy star maps…

  13. Kyle Zeni

    hahaha a? laser isnt gonna be able to remove the mental scar

  14. naleylover100

    “”By a? woman”? Are you fuckin serious man?!

  15. bloodnhonourhistory

    i dont? trust her period…. another meanin in the uk…

  16. bloodnhonourhistory

    he askin to be robbed wiv all that ice. how can u call yaself a? superstar….IM A LEGEND…

  17. MrLongduckdoong

    Not being total fools…The people u see on LA ink? get their tatts for free and most of his SHITTY work has been given to him. Thats prob the only quality piece he has.

  18. Kimmy15796

    Michael? does the shit of Liz!

  19. Kimmy15796

    But he gets enough money with his shit to buy him all those tattoos. Haha, what are we doing? wrong?

  20. flameboy0071

    damn aubrey is? crazy!

  21. Calvin Schipper

    aubry is a fuckin weirdo wanting to get the tattoo removed dude? its a good tat so shut up

  22. 699backstab

    God didnt get Casidy through…..doctors got Casidy through. What a complete fucking disgrace that a dead Jew zombie carpenter who never lived and is imaginary gets credit for saving and extending lives when it was? really science.

  23. buckskinbabe93

    oysters, cavier and kat???? lol that so doesn’t work

  24. TokyoJuice7

    What the? heck’s goin’ on behind Dan at 10:17?

  25. MrLongduckdoong

    How true…But? dont you worry. Soulja boy will never see another record sold once he hits soulja man age. Having no talent runs out after your 3rd album of pure shit!

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