KAT VON D autograph eyeliner VS. tattoo liner Posted by admin on August 7th, 2012 | Comments (19) |

This is my view on the two eyeliners by Kat Von D, AUTOGRAPH EYELINER AND TATTOO LINER. I hope you find this helpful!!!

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19 Responses to “KAT VON D autograph eyeliner VS. tattoo liner”

  1. PearlyThePug

    You’re very welcome!! I’m glad? I could help :) ….sorry sephora’s out, hopefully they’ll have it back in soon. I know how that is….they’re always out of something I want too :(

  2. fssmc6

    Thank you for your review! It was very informative because I was torn between which eyeliner? to try and I’ve never tried a liquid liner. Thank you so much!! Too bad Sephora is out of it…

  3. PearlyThePug

    >__<" Don't you hate that?!!!! That happened to me way too many times. I've been buying back ups of certain things like this lately so that I won't get disappointed when they run out when I really run out. 😛 It sucks that I have to do it this way now, but my sephoras are always running out of things. I have to drive all over town to find something sometimes :(? …..maybe try sephora online??

  4. xXxIsolationxXx

    *sniff sniff* sephora ran? out of the trooper tattoo liner yesterday.. :(

  5. Bosox10123

    Pen eyeliners dry out waaay faster, though…:/
    And as for controlling the brush, the reason you got such a thick line is because you pressed down so hard, which you didn’t do with the other one haha. Not sure if I will buy either of them…Unfortunately, my favorite liquid eyeliner? might be discontinued. :(

  6. TwiggytheGirl

    Thanx! I will definitely try this? out, sounds very promising :)

  7. PearlyThePug

    :( If you can’t get your hands on the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, check? out Dolly Wink’s Liner. It’s the EXACT replica, the only difference is the packaging.

  8. TwiggytheGirl

    I want the tattoo liner so bad but I can’t get it anywhere :( I wish I lived in USA so I could buy? this. I don’t get why I can’t find it on ebay, makes my so frustrated

  9. PearlyThePug

    THANK YOU!!! This liner is amazing, I’m sure you will love it!!! ? :)

  10. LadyLL123

    Excellent review! I am? so going to buy the tattoo liner!!!

  11. PearlyThePug

    It claims that it’s a “water-resistant” liner, however, with my own personal experience, I think it’s absolutely 100% waterproof. I have to? use a really good makeup remover to remove it everytime :)

  12. PearlyThePug

    hahaha….that tester must have been dried up for sure!! LOL….It’s now my all time favorite liner. Totally recommend? it!!! :)

  13. BleedTheWineUnholy

    I was just at Sephora the other day and I was thinking about getting the tattoo liner but the tester they had was kinda dry? so I changed my mind because I thought it was just a bad liner. I guess it was I’m gonna get one now for sure!!

  14. PearlyThePug

    Thanks!? :)

  15. PearlyThePug

    Yikes….sorry to hear that. I hate it when a product? is terrible like that. Definitely though, check out the tattoo liner, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed :)

  16. PearlyThePug

    Thank you thank you!!! :) I felt like I was all over the place? with this review cuz I just got home from a long day of work LOL. I LOVE the Tattoo liner!

  17. LipsSpeaks

    Great review and comparison of the two! I’ve never tried? both of them but I’ve heard some good things.

  18. desaparec1dos

    Nice review! I’m going to look into the tattoo liner.. I recently purchased a Sephora ‘doe eyed’ felt eyeliner and I was very disappointed, it was so dry? and terrible!

  19. 23guerita

    great review,,,?

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