Kat Von D, Gene Simmons, Criss Angel at the Dussault Motel Posted by admin on August 6th, 2012 | Comments (21) |

This is from the Dussault Motel launch party on Melrose Ave. Gene Simmons trys to hook up Criss Angel and Kat Von D while Jason Dussault looks on. This must have been a CRAZY party! They shot an episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels there AND an episode of Criss Angel Mindfreak, RAD!!!

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21 Responses to “Kat Von D, Gene Simmons, Criss Angel at the Dussault Motel”

  1. Donna Aziz

    what? episode is it called in the Gene Simmons Family Jewels show?

  2. LucySixxVonD

    GREATEST VID EVER? LMAO. Man, Criss & Kat would make such a great couple :p

  3. MrsCrissAngel1619

    Criss and? Kat…my fav guy and fav girl…life= complete! XD

  4. GetStuffed04

    Haha? Gene is so awesome!!!! Criss and Kat seems really uncomfortable. xD

  5. lovedrunk011

    LOL omg criss angel and kat von d are my idols but idk they seemed? akward together lol

  6. sohooded

    Now she’s marrying? Sandra Bullock’s cast off…anyone want’ to bet how long it will last?

  7. iivy21

    fuck that? was funny

  8. Shinozka

    Criss and Kat Von D, my two favourite hotties? of each gender! Must I say more?

  9. yohooooooooheiheihei

    AHAHAHAHA! criss you are so funny! XD ( and hot ,of course )?

  10. Death9230

    if you hate tats so much why do you look up every tat? vid on you tube you fuckin loser every vid theres your name running your mouth

  11. sohooded

    Too many tattoos are soooo ugly. When she’s 65 years old, she’ll look like? a map of the moon. Saggy, baggy tats.

  12. plutoplatters

    deep…very? very deep..

  13. luvelezana

    HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA……. Criss? left her out of words… HAAHAHAAAa… he’s amazing…. poor Kat, she seemed embarssed…. x)

  14. kayystarrr

    i LOVE criss angel? & kat von d =]

  15. WhySoSeerious

    Gene is so awesome! This clip rocks, Criss is funny!?

  16. ppppoill

    LOL Criss? is So Frikken Hilarious! XD

  17. crissangelrox4ever

    lmao criss? is freakiiiin hot

  18. helpmemissy

    yeah, my? favorites all together

  19. Ravendark16x

    jajaja very good… gene and criss seem to be? good friends…

  20. 09kh7435

    Criss: are those space jeans cause your ass is out of this world!! LMFAO!!!? (I love you Criss!)

  21. chikitasurfita

    lol? when the hell was this?

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